Grey's Anatomy Review: "I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked"

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If you had to pick between the gift you have and the career it's given you, or the person you love most, which would you choose? This debate raged on Grey's Anatomy last night.

Here's our official episode guide (plus quotes and music) from last night. Now, here's our take on the events of Thursday's "I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked" ...

POST-IT! That's what Meredith cites as she insists Derek can't mention Richard's drinking to the board. He agrees, and looks for other ways to get through to the Chief.

It doesn't work. Richard rebuffs McDreamy's offer to help, and when Bailey vents that the Chief is not thinking rationally, he decides he has to do something. But what?

M to the G

Moving beyond passive-aggressive to simply aggressive, Derek goes so far as to pour some scotch in front of Richard and imply that he'll drink it, even if he doesn't want to. Wow, Der.

After Bailey takes over the Chief's surgery because he's sleeping in his office, Derek tells Mer he'll hire Izzie back (more on that later) if he tells the board, which will make him Chief.

Eventually she relents, although they are both left wondering if it was the right decision. Did he go too far ousting Richard? Did he do it for the right reasons? Not easily answered.

LOVE VS. WORK: Much as she feels she should be ashamed, the most Cristina thinks about it, the more unabashed she is about prioritizing her career - her gift - over romance.

An opera singer patient who says he "can't live" without his lung reinforces Yang's point, but after drunk Teddy tells Owen what Yang said the previous week, the wheels come off.

Owen tells Cristina that while surgery matters, people also matter. Their relationship matters. Yang's eyes well up as, reluctantly, she capitulates, surrendering to their relationship.

Incredible performance by Sandra Oh as always. You can see the inner turmoil even when few or no words are exchanged, forgetting you're watching an actress. Simply amazing.

Izzie and Alex Reunite

CHICKEN POX: Callie has 'em. Seriously. Arizona quarantines her and puts Lexie in charge of her. Mark shows up, curls up with his BFF and helps her scratch an itch. Literally.

Arizona confesses to Lexie that she really just didn't want to deal with Callie with pox because it's not sexy. Fortunately, she get over this seemingly strange hangup in the end.

Mark confesses to Lexie about Addison. Relieved, Lexie tells him about Alex. Rather than being relieved, though, Mark is just stunned, leaving her wondering where they stand.

SHE'S BACK: Izzie arrives with a gorgeous new hairstyle and is applying for a job in Tacoma, convinced she and Alex can still make it work. He is in vintage distant Alex mode.

An hour ago, Meredith discovered him in the sack with Lexie they all agreed to keep their mouths shut. But Alex confesses he slept with someone else. Still, Izzie is undeterred.

She seems to have gained perspective, realizing that love is more important than work. But Alex is reluctant to be involved with someone who leaves, who doesn't respect him.

Izzie's scans are clear, and he's thrilled, but he deserves to be with someone who will stay, despite his own flaws. So she decides to leave again, even after Derek's job promise.

So Izzie's moving on. Again. Will it be for good this time?

What did you think of last night's Grey's Anatomy?

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The more I watch Grey's, the more I wished they would've just killed Izzie at the end of the 5th season. Despite her flaws, I used to like Izzie a lot, but now... it's just plain character assasination. The Izzie I used to know, would've stayed and fought like hell to win Alex back. But now? She just gets up and leaves... again?! I never thought I would say this, but I wished they kept O'Malley and killed Izzie. This Izzie is just plain irritating. I didn't like the MerDer situation much. Derek may accuse Richard of manipulating Meredith, but Derek is equally bad. I like seeing Lexie and Mark dealing with the aftermath of the break-up. It showed Lexie's immaturity, whilst at the same time it showed that Mark has matured, in spite of sleeping with Addison. I do hope they will get back together though, I like the Mark and Lexie pairing.


I completely agree with Dana and J Smith, Callie & Arizona are my fave couple in the show, they are soooo real, I love them and people that complain about a 10 second make out scene are annoying, im sure they didn't see anything wrong with mer/der and owen & cristina's make out scenes!! Shonda is doing a wonderful job with Callie & Arizona's relationship, they do not get a lot of screen time so I hope there are many more longer scene with them to come.


Moore time to Sara Ramirez! Great actress.


I agree with Dana above, I am not gay but my favorite couple is Callie and Arizona and they get hardly any time together. They had less than 2 minutes total last night together but they make up for the lack of time with quality acting and selling themselves as a couple. It is not being shoved down our throats but they are shown as a couple just like the others but with less time together on screen. They have great potential and I hope Greys builds on this fantastic couple with 2 great actresses.


Isn't it true that if you love someone, you support what they're all about? I think that's what's missing here. Yes, Derek had "ulterior motives" wanting to be chief and also thinking of the good fo the hospital. Yes, Mer confided in Derek as a wife to a husband. I get that. Mer should open her eyes and know that what the chief is doing is not good - very dangerous for himself and people who rely on them for their lifes. Mer should realize that yes, Derek has ulterior motives, but so does she. Somehow it should also be incorporated that Mer and Der are now a unit - and that Der's success also means Mer's success. Not advocating backstabbing the chief - because neither of them lured the chief to go back to drinking - that's his own doing. But instead of being "judgmental" - saying you did this because you want to be chief, go the other way and say " I guess this worked out for the better" - because it did.


Well said.


Megan/Grainer- So it's ok for the gay viewership out there to have to watch all the straight couples on tv make out constantly, but a 15 second make out scene was too much for you? Please grow up. As a straight woman I had no problem watching the scene. If you really have such an issue with it, I'm sure you can go find something in the kitchen for the brief on screen time. This isn't education. It's life, and I think Shonda is doing a great job of incorporating all communities, people, and lifestyles into the show. Really... either get used to it or stop watching the show...


I loved it and hated it at the same time! I honestly think the show is getting back to true grey's fashion. Everyone is breaking up and hooking up and whatnot. I hope mark and lexie get back together, i really like them. I also hope Alex stops being an ass. I'm sure they made the episode end like it did so KH being gone for more shows fits into the story line. Sucks, but what can you do? I'm also happy Derek went to the board about the chief. If he is named the new chief, I think it will be interesting to see how him and Mer handle it. i'll stop now, cause i could go on forever!


I have watched this series since the first ep of season one and it is sad to see it going down hill like it is. They have completely lost focus and the show is sucking now. Callie gets way to much air time. America is ok with gay, but I feel like they are trying to push this gay romance on us because we need the education. They are trying way to hard here. This show is hard to watch now. Writers if you are reading this please use your creative minds, please rewatch season 1 and find the show that we all love. As it stands now I prefer private practice because it has a better story line each week.


This question is choice between love and surgery ,you choices surgery and then silent interior...

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