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We gave you a chance, Heroes fans. We asked if anyone that still liked this trainwreck of a program wished to review it.

No one replied, leaving you once again in the recapping hands of someone that can't help but laugh (and, occasionally, vomit) at how far this series has fallen. This week was another example of an abysmal, plodding episode that accomplished absolutely nothing.

Read more about "Close to Home" now and then check out our review below, as we pick apart each terrible storyline...

Hiro rescued Mohinder... from the same mental hospital in which Hiro originally placed him. Nice to see this arc come full, pointless circle. Also, was it really necessary to make Hiro speak jibberish just to illustrate that he's sick? More importantly, was it necessary to dedicate a millisecond of this show's time to Mohinder?

Mohinder, Ando and Hiro

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Parkman felt content as a stay-at-home dad, only to be talked out of it by HRG, go on a mission, return from it, give a sensible speech about family, cook dinner and then feel guilty about his recent decisons in life... all in the same episode. Did Parkman go to the Claire school of super-heroing? Why did God give such whining morons such cool abilities?!?

Peter traded in his ability to fly and save thousands of people per year... for the ability to dream of the future. Not sure you got the best end of that deal, dude.

HRG needed to track down Samuel... yet wouldn't ask his daughter for the tool with which to do it.

We must focus more on this storyline. First off, why does HRG believe Samuel is so dangerous? With just four episodes remaining this season, have we even seen that many examples of Samuel's evil intentions? We STILL don't know his grand plan!

Secondly, HRG and Claire have fought approximaely 527 times, always over the same basic thing (HRG lying over something job-related). We're meant to believe he wouldn't go to her for the compass - in order to locate a supposedly dangerous individual - because she's a little mad at him? Please.

Finally, last week's episode concluded with Sylar hanging outside Claire's window. It was actually somewhat intriguing. Did the show pick up on that cliffhanger this week? No. That's inexcusable.

Claire did act strangely when HRG went to visit her, and it's possible Sylar was in her dorm room or playing some unclear role in that scene that we'll learn more about later. But we've said this before and we'll keep saying it:

This season has been a catastrophe because nothing - and we mean NOTHING - is at stake. Is the world in imminent danger? No. Does the fate of any Hero hang in the balance? We thought that answer might be yes, based on Sylar's discovery of his Claire tattoo last week, but apparently not.

This is a series about super heroes and yet is doesn't have a clue how to make any storylines suspenseful. With just four weeks to go, why should viewers be on the edges of their seats, anxious about this season's finale? Please tell us: Why?!?

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i personally love all the "haters" on this board for the pure fact that its not hating, its telling the truth. this season has utterly sucked. i used to watch heroes religiously up until this season? and now?? im just catching up on all the episodes.... this carnival storyline is crap, it makes no sense and the show is a bunch of shoty storylines that theyre trying to pass off as decent. last season was absolutely amazing and shouldve had an even better follow up this season but instead were left with dreadful episodes week after week. fact is that the writers dropped the ball on this one and no mater what they pull out for the finale its not going to matter, the damage has already been done. i can only imagine what they have in store for us next season.


People seem to forget the last arc. Fugitives. I for one thought that was very strong and entertaining all the way through. Villians was the one that seemed to get too confusing and brought the negatives towards the show.


The main thing that I find when I read reviews on this site and peoples comments is that we look at this season's episodes in a singular fashion, and then compare them to whole of Season 1, which is really unfair to any one show, Heroes or otherwise. Yet at the same time, the reviews only really look at the characters in the particular episode and not in their entirety. For example, Matt Parkman has never really been sure of what he wants to do, and given the fact that he is dealing with the Sylar in his head / almost getting shot to death, not unrealistic that he is going to be conflicted about his role in the world. Ultimately, all season three reviews were about a lack of character development and no reason to care about them. Season four has been almost all about character development and yet we still complain. Expecting the awesomeness of Season 1 to be carried on week in week out is very high, and I think unrealistic expectations to place on a show that is there to entertain us. Season 4 has had its good moments and it has had its bad moments, but I for one am going to wait and see how it plays out as a whole before giving a final judgment.


I'm not a hater. In fact I'm actually one to generally shoot this site's negative reviews, but I must confess that while the first half the this season was great, I think it could've done without the last 3 episodes without many consequences on the storyline. I discuss the show with co-workers on Tuesdays and it saddened me to see that most of them were like “last couple of episodes were so boring, they might as well cancel after this season�. It’s like writers took the gamble of making this season a big 17h tease up the last episode where they’ll unleash all their budget or something (and we’ll talk about it after the season finale). But they are wrong. They are losing viewers after each episode, so much only a handful might be there to watch the finale no matter how awesome they make it. This carrot-on-stick design is a big, big mistake. At first people were excited, but as episodes pass and the carrot still hangs feet ahead of our face, several viewers choose to quit. I mean, we’ve had 3 episodes since December and the story hasn’t moved one bit. It’s like they put the storyline on pause and then spend 40minutes per episode to add useless ramblings, more often than not featuring Claire. I hate to write with this tone, but if you ask me, this season should’ve been condensed in like 14-15 episodes. There have been way too many unnecessary lengths so far. They claimed we’d see more character development because of the show’s reduced budget, but what we’ve seen so far, especially in the second half, has been repetitive and has little to do with development in my humble opinion. Last episode in particular was full of frustrating elements. From Peter being a pure JERK out of nowhere and destroying Emma's cello instead of talk her out of it, to HRG failing AGAIN at whatever he tries to accomplish this season. To Matt being back to square "Season one" (seriously, it's only a matter of time until Janice cheats on that loser again if he keeps being such a wimp)... let's not forget that we were supposed to see Sylar's encounter with Claire. And I don't care if they show us next episode that he was in Claire's room when HRG visited her: the fact remains that there are so many precious minutes that got wasted in useless ramblings that could've been removed and they could've tossed-in the Sylar+Claire scenes to make the episode much more entertaining to watch.


By reading this I can’t come up with a better opinion then ‘Haters’ no offence to anyone, I like and respect when critics have their own opinion weather is positive or negative. I prefer positive but on this website we know that never going to happen.
That been said: I want to say that I personally liked this episode there were a few things I dint liked but the whole dam episode doesn’t have to be perfect.
I know that Hiro story wasn’t the best the previous episodes but I think it pay off. Seen Hiro, Ando & Suresh in action was very enjoyable and fun to watch. Not to mention Hiro is back to normal except for the Brain tumor.
Peter standing up to Angela was also great; I can go on and on, and on with the positive things about last night episode do we see any in this review NONE.


C'mon, now, MLHouse, who's got time to write a review? Looks like you do. I'm not attacking you. I enjoy your writing, but I love Heroes so it's hard to hear all of these negative comments about "my show"! I'm just being honest.


I am not sure how I feel about this season. I'm not going to lie, each episode has been kind of dull, especially last night's...I felt like nothing was really accomplished but at the same time I was left wanting more...to find out why all this mess is happening and how its going to end. So even though it wasn't extremely exciting, it accomplished its purpose because I'm still going to watch next week to see what happens. I don't really get why vanessa is even in this...thats her name right?? The love of Samuel's life?? Does every character have to have a redeeming quality?


Its kinda optimism, I mean we still dont know Samuels master plan but isnt that the point to guess yourself without knowing everything? Maybe after 15 episodes we should know more I agree but just see how it plays out. Everyone kind of came together at the end of last nights to find and stop Samuel (HRG/Parkman at first and then Ando, Hiro and Dr at the end) Even Peter will now be going to the carnival. Not going to lie to myself alot of the season has been a mess (Sylar/Nathan thing could have been better and Hiro being a dumbass again)


It looks like Sylar will be the hero??? What are you based that on?

Matt richenthal

I admire your optimism, iKurt, but does a boring season that culminates in an exciting finale - as your hope entails - make for a worthwhile season? I say no.
A well-written series paces out the journey and builds up to a crescendo; it doesn't just plod along and throw everything it has into one final episode, praying viewers ignore all that came before it.

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