Heroes Review: "The Art of Deception"

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This week's episode of Heroes focused on one undeniable fact: Every character is a complete and utter moron.

We'll review "The Art of Deception" by pointing out the reasons why:

Parkman traps Sylar inside his biggest nightmare... and then buries him behind a brick wall IN HIS OWN BASEMENT! Really? This was the best plan Parkman could conceive? You have a little boy and a wife at home and you decide to wall up the world's biggest villain a few feet from where they do laundry. Nice plan, dude.

Peter tries to rescue his nemesis... all because of some hazy dream. Really? You have no hesitation whatsoever about sending Sylar out into the world simply because you had a dream where maybe, possibly, he helped saved lives? There's been no real build-up to this storyline, nothing remotely related to anything else going on. It's simply been Angela randomly telling Peter she had a dream about Emma; Peter taking his mother's ability; and then Peter going on a rogue mission to free Sylar.

This didn't work, of course, due to Parkman's nightmare spell. So now Peter has pulled a Hiro and is stuck inside some strange, alternate universe. Why does this show continue to think it makes for good television to have its characters trapped in other dimensions or timelines?

Aim Taking

HRG takes aim at the carnival... for reasons unknown. Yes, Samuel destroyed an entire village last week. But HRG was attempting to take down the carnival long before that, though it's unclear why. As we've asked all season long, what has been Samuel's grand plan? What makes him such an evil force in the world? This question has NEVER been answered! Seriously, think about it:

Why did he recruit Claire? Why did he summon Hiro and trap Charlie? Why has Samuel been featured at all this season? Yes, he's become one angry dude after getting rejected by his long lost love a week ago - but that's a new development, one entirely unrelated to anything he did or said for 15 episodes prior to that.

We'll give the episode one positive critique: at least HRG and Claire have been apprehended by the carnival. At least someone is actually in danger for a change.

Lauren got shot... and phoned Tracy for help. Good call! No doubt she'll come swooping in and be as useful as she's been all season. Wouldn't you have loved to have been in the writers' room when this storyline was mapped out?
We'll have Lauren call someone, and it will turn out to be Tracy! Imagine the look of excited shock of viewers' faces when they see her return!!!

Sylar suddenly wants to be 100% ability-free? Really? Really?!? This could easily be considered the biggest development in show history and it received zero build-up after just one conversation with Claire.

Finally, no rundown of moronic characters would be complete with including Claire. She learns that Samuel has killed over 200 people and that her father is out to take him down. Does she help him? Of course not. She runs to a group of people to warn them... about what, exactly? That her dad wants to eliminate their evil leader? Did she think he has a nuclear weapon and would take out the entire carnival somehow?

There's never been any logic to any of Claire's decisions. One second, she wants to be normal; the next second, she wants to bond with people like her. If the show were written well, this might come across as your typical, confused teenager. Instead, it's simply an example of a character's actions conforming to whatever moves the story along.

One final question: How did Emma even get to the carnival? Lydia is dead, so who contacted her? How did she find it? Are we really meant to believe there's been no doctor on staff there? AHHHH!!!!

Check out the NBC promo for next week's episode and chime in with your thoughts on "The Art of Deception" in our Comments section below and/or Heroes forum.


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is this site really good for Heroes ?!
I don't think so this rubbish site's just for saying all the disadvantages of Heroes
none of advantages ... Damn This Fucking Useless Site
U are the moron one
Not Heroes's Characters !
Go To hell


I am so agree with Dan!
Just stop complaining!
It is a great series!
I'd rather stuck all day watching Heroes than Glee or Vampire Diaries!! Stupid tvfanatic!


The only sucking is coming from the people saying the show isn't doing well, accepting the mediocrity fed to them by Kring and then blasting House for commenting on the mediocrity of the show. Grow up and stop ganging up on the site. If you don't like it you can always go somewhere else, that's the beauty of the internet. I personally haven't agreed with what House always wrote in the past, and I don't agree with all the points he's recently made, but this obnoxious trolling is worse that anything you all perceive as "bellyaching".


Sorry bout all the typos btw. My iPhone is set for auto spell check and I didn't feel like going back and correcting all of them.


I agree with most other people. M.l.house, you suck. You can write any reviews that at good. You say the show is going downhill but so far I think the show has been really good. Granted, tere are se definite loopholes. But why show doesn't have that. You can't expect the show to be perfect. I thought that this episode was one of the more intersing ones. But not one of the best. I personallyblike last weeks episode when hiro was fighting Adam Monroe. It was epic to see hiro fight his one true nemisis. And sylar and Peter aren't trappe in an alternate dimension. They are trapped in sylar mind. Like how Maury parkman trapped Molly and matt in her mind. I though that was rather obvious. Sylar can't escape it because he doesn't have matts power. But peter does an he's going to break them out next week. The only problem I see with the series is that they won't be able to complete the series with the epic battle between Peter and sylar that was behind the closed doo in "five years gone" in the first season because Nathan is now dead. I personally think it was a mistake killing off Nathan. But that's another story. Anyways. House. Write a halfway decent review or stop writing.

Neon glo

I've had it with your bellyaching, House. I'm sticking with other sites for my Heroes discussions. Off to TV Buddy.


I want the old heroesfanatic site back. A. Hiro's reviews were the best!


Honestly, with all the episodes that have passed, you don't know what the real plan is? All signs point to Samuel gathering specials so he can rip the earth and create an area/homeland purely for people with abilities. It's been hinted at several times through a variety of scenes.


Before I make any comments about the show, I have to say that I actually look forward to reading this review every week, even if it is negative, because a lot of it is true, and even when I disagree its still comical. I think the reviewer makes several good points and it makes me look at the episode from a view other than someone who loves the show. Heroes has definitely not been that amazing this season, but I still watch it because I like the show and I want to know what happens next. I'm still tired of Gretchen. I'm tired of not knowing what the real plan is, but I am very much hoping that somewhere in the next 2 episodes it will come together.


Worst review I've read in a while regarding any TV series. Is this reviewer even watching the same show I'm watching? I thought this was the best episode this season and this is coming from a hardcore fan of the show since the very first episode of Heroes. To me, it appears you went into this review looking for things to hate on and knew right off the bat before you watched the episode, that that's what you were going to do. I think this reviewer needs to stick to reviewing shows he actually pays attention to or find another "job".

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