How Should Harry Wilson Exit 90210?

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Both The CW and Rob Estes himself have confirmed that the actor is leaving 90210 after the conclusion of season two.

This comes as a shock to fans, as Harry never settled into an ongoing, interesting storyline, but still played a vital role on the show as principal of West Beverly and father to Annie and Dixon.

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Because it doesn't sound as though 90210 will replace Estes with a new actor, the question lingers: how will he be written out?

Consider the options below; vote; and then leave a comment and/or post in our 90210 forum about how you'd depict Harry's exit...

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I think Jasper kills him


I think he'll have a heart attack or something when he learns about Annie's hit and run...




Since both him and Kelly ate leaving and his wife has been worried they are falling fir one another they should fall in love and leave together I mean come on that's perfect that will be up there with the early years of Dylan Brenda Kelly Brandon!!!! Killing off divorce all so 90's and it's just ummm boring on my idea. If anyone needs a story writer contact my email for my # and I'm melanie btw


I think he's gna take the fall for Annie and disappear or hopefully not but go to jail :( Or he will get killed off which kinda sucks, he shouldn't go is my response just pick up his option, this show was so much better till the end of season one, season two really annoyed me!! The only good thing was adding Liam, Ivy and Teddy to it along with the originals but it honestly blew for me!!


i think he should get killed off, like that some drama might be added, and the family could meet harry's long lost son at the funeral


What Dani said. I honestly think that would be better. Naomi's mother is off somewhere else and we know she probably won't be coming back anytime soon. Plus, that plot is still up in the air and there are a lot of unanswered questions. I think the writers would have to be stupid to kill Harry off or let him depart from the show without even addressing his long lost son. In fact, it would be pretty heartbreaking.


I think he will go off to search for his son.


he should killed by Annies psycho boyfriend, after Annie gets hostiled by Jasper. and everyone goes searching for her. while being searched for. they finally find her but Harry gets killed while trying to save Annie. ); I don't want him to die!


omg yeah he should he should leave with kelly



How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.