Jenny Jones Nude Photo Leads to Elimination

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On last week's episode of Frank the Entertainer in a Basement Affair, the show's star came across something shocking:

A racy online photo of contestant Jenny Jones!

We'll give readers a few moments to deal with the shock that a VH1 reality show contestant might have a past full of nude pictures...

Jenny Jones

Wouldn't it have been more distubing if Jones did NOT pose for any lewd photos? It would shatter our image of what a VH1 star is like.

However, was the image that got Jenny kicked out of Frank's basement even X-rated? She posted it on Twitter over the weekend and we're not very impressed. Check it out below.

Did Jenny Jones desere to get eliminated from Frank the Entertainer in a Basement Affair due to this picture? Or rewarded for it?

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ITS A FAKE BRA look at her tits the bra lines don't connect its fake she was really half naked


First of all I do not see the "beauty" that many of you claim to see with Jenny. She's ok looking but take off the weave, the fake boobs and she wouldn't turn heads. I can't even find anything above average about her, let alone pretty. Plus she has a really weird shape with bony legs but her ass is like way up on her back. Yuck. As for the photo? There had to have been a topless one because VH1 would have shown the bra photo at least the top part. I'm shocked someone called it professional looking. That photo looks nasty. Period. And don't make this no racial thing because it ain't about race at all. If you want to toss that out here then you're just trying to start trouble. Ain't NO man putting a woman's toe in his mouth if he ain't in to her. It's obvious Frank's parents aren't racist either so don't even try and bring that shit up here.


TY-TY please learn how to spell and speak proper english, those massive lips you carry around are no excuse for typing like you in da getto


Well there are racial differences. For instance a higher percentage of Black people leave crappy tips at restaurants. I know this is true because I have first hand experience. Now there are exceptions to the rule of course. But come on I am not going to believe that people just don't know. It time to step up to the plate and earn respect not just be given respect. It's time as a whole to start acting like American citizens


stop being stupid...she tried acting classy, she has racy photos, a tramp stamp and she is like 30 years old and never had a bf...she gotta voted off cause she is a liar and the pic is part of the proof...adios


"uhhh I think she jus nees to get sum respec fa ha self'" hahaha yea hes doin nothin and your talkin about him doin nothin on the internet wow Jennys fine ass can come and see me n see how a real white boy lays the pipe..Hey Jenny u sexy ass hmmmmm!!!


I couldn't AGREE more with Whitney. I couldn't have said it better myself except I am not a black woman, I'm a white woman. But who cares anyway? We all bleed the same blood!!!


Absolutely not. Just because she posed with a little less clothes on (putting it nicely), doesn't mean she's a slut or a ho or anything like that. Thats on her, she has to live with the things she does and by no means does she have anything to be ashamed of. But I do agree that if she only went on the show for publicity than yes, she should have been eliminated but only because of that reason or if he wasnt feeling her.


I think frank just thought of her as a pretty face at first:But wants he thought about it i think he got insecure with himself and ended up thinkin she would break up with him in the end.But ,in my opinion the picture was not that bad and the way they protrayed it on tv i thought it was completly nude but it does look professional and she didnt deserve to go home.


jenny jones is an absolute angel from God the most gourgeous woman I have ever laid my eyes on the way she carry herself and her physical apperance plus her intelligence is unheard of. Frank thanks for not picking her Jenny if u read this email me i would love to conversate with u make u laugh with that smile of yours and just be whatever u need me to be. u need a strong black man in your life anyway. Love