More Details on Upcoming Gossip Girl Chair Drama

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As we know, Gossip Girl's Chuck and Blair are going to be going through a rough patch caused by something Chuck does. But what causes the Chair split? What does he do?

One rumor going around is that Chuck causes the breakup by sleeping with none other than Jenny Humphrey. Okay, that would be really bad, even by Gossip Girl standards.

This particular rumor is totally false, fortunately. Although it's not as if Jenny wouldn't go there. She's just got her sights set on breaking up Serena and Nate instead. Drama!

Ed Westwick (Chuck) himself says of future events, "It all gets set on its side. Everything upside down. Things are going to get even more dramatic than they always are."

Gossip Girl executive producer Josh Schwartz simply Tweets, "Trust. #ChuckandBlair."

Chair Loving

Is there a ray of hope for these two yet?

The show's boss is the one who made Chuck and Blair such an amazing couple to start with, so he wouldn't be breaking them up without a grander plan in mind, right?

You can keep telling yourselves that, in any case.

In Gossip Girl news that doesn't involve Chair worshiping, the show recently cast Billy Baldwin as Serena's dad. Is Dr. van der Woodsen completely evil or a good guy?

We'll have to wait and see there, but it looks like the elder van der Woodsen does want to be back in Serena and Eric's life. His motives are highly questionable, though.

Then again, it's Gossip Girl. At least he's around at all and not blatantly dissing S like the old days. We'll see if by the end of his story arc, she wishes he still were ...

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Chica rebela y dulce

@ sophieloveschuck lol:)) i would seriously turn my tv off if that happened. But, at least we can breathe calmly that that is NOT.. NO WAY IN HELL gonna happen. BUTTT, the ONLY reason im not completely freaking out of my mind right now.. is bcz there has got to be something more to their break up.. and i know that they're gonna be toether again and more stronger than ever... but i really hope that by the end of the season, they will be OR they will reconnect with each other in Season 4 ... n plz in season 4 ..DONT U DARE DRAG THE RECONCILIATION in season 4 WRITERS!! make it ASAP! ... even though they won't see this.


Chuck and Jenny would be totally wrong.
I hate the fact that Jenny is trying to be the new Blair! First becoming queen, trying to hook up with Nate (Blair's first love) then dropping her good girl image to become a bitch... what's next? Sleeping with Chuck!!!? I would throw a brick at my television screen if Jenny and Chuck slept together... Jenny is 16 its about time she started acting it!
Looking forward to more Chair though :)


yes chuck sleeping with jenny would not be good he be a complete ass, if he did that but I really hope the boss doesnt keep them apaert too long because ther amazing togather.

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