Tim Kring Spoils Heroes Season Finale

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Dear Tim Kring,

We know the ratings for Heroes are in the toilet. We know this may very well be the show's final season and we know you wish to avoid that fate. But must you really give away major plot developments from the February 8 finale in order to keep fans interested?

In an interview with Fancast.com last week, Kring was asked abut Hiro and Charlie.

Instead of just teasing fans about what's to come, he spilled some major beans: "[Hiro's] quest is  to find Charlie... we will finally deal with that in the season finale when Charlie and Hiro are reunited."

Then again, perhaps we should be thanking Kring. We might not need to tune in to see how this atrocious season concludes anymore!

Go Ando!

Elsewhere in the conversation, Kring touched on other storylines and subjects. Excerpts are below...

On Samuel's plans: It’s not so much about what he wants to avenge, but the underlying motive for his slow descent into megalomaniacal insanity is revealed in Episodes 15 and 16.

On Sylar: He re-encounters the carnival, but he’s also on a bit of an existential quest to find out what his life is all about. He was told he would die alone, and that starts to play on him. There is some unexpected stuff between him and Peter in the last two episodes. A strange alliance has to be formed.

On the end of the season: Samuel’s plan to expose the entire world to these people starts to really crank up and build to a crescendo.

Sure. We'll believe that when we see it, considering the utter lack of urgency throughout this entire season. There's been nothing at stake whatsoever.

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Low ratings can probably be associated with sagging rating for all of NBC. They should hold on to Heroes, like ABC held on to Alias when that was all they had. That being said, I'm pretty much over all of the current characters. I'd like to see some new characters who don't die at the end of the season. Claire and Noah have daddy/daughter issues. Sylar is trying to find the meaning of life. Hiro is a bumbling fool who wastes screen time. Peter wants to save the world. Boring. Lydia and Edgar had potential, so they killed her off and I'm sure he's next. Emma is ok, but I'd like to see her actually do something. Gretchen is there to make Claire a lesbian to increase ratings (guys love lesbians, right?). Matt is just a mess. Maybe a little more direct X-Men-esque story lines: teams, leaders, training, good vs bad, etc. Four seasons in and the characters are still totally unorganized. Rouge and Wolverine... I mean Peter and Claire, would make for great team members. So would Iceman and Jubilee... I mean Tracy and Elle... I mean Ando. Kill off Hiro, though. And send Spider-Man/Suresh somewhere else. Those two comics weren't meant to be one. And, really, I'm willing to believe in the Heroes universe that regular people know about the existence of special people. I don't need to be tricked into thinking that this might really be going on around me and I have no idea. Bring these issues to a public level and make some social commentary on how we treat segments of the population in this country.


I don't see what all the complaints are about. It's not like they can do a massive bomb plot like they did in the first series. Personally I like the carnival idea, it makes sense. It still maintains an air of mystery, like why Sylar is being drawn to Claire again, and what will actually happen when Hiro and Charlie reunite. If you really want to moan, look at Smallville. One minute, he can run to a different continent and back in seconds to fetch something to eat, the next it takes him ages just to get to Metropolis from the Kent farm. And isn't it annoying where kryptonite seems to show up everywhere convenient to the plot. Still love that show though. Just chill out guys. Share the love. Etc... It's just TV, and if it bothers you that much, watch something else. (Oh, and I know it won't happen, but I'm holding out for a Christopher Eccleston return - The Invisible Man from Series One - loved that guy)


I LOVE the idea of Sylar and Peter creating some sort of alliance. Truthfully, I've been secretly hoping for Sylar to "turn good" for so long. My favorite episodes were the ones when Sylar thought he was part of the Petrelli family. But I'm happy as long as he keeps being a major part of each episode. He is really the main reason why I watch the show!


definitely gonna stop coming to the site..the people in charge here are retarded. Please, move on and cover another show...there's lots to complain about with FlashForward...but i'm sure the same writers write there too..


To be honest this forums and especially its columnists are so whiny and hilariously clueless I would only come her to laugh if I was the writer. Seriously, they even had to edit their last week's recap because they started by bitching that Peter started flying randomly since they were too busy typing their shitty review to watch the show and see Peter had West called. Back about the actual article, we still don't know what happens when Hiro will find Charlie. And it didn't take a genius to figure he'd see her again considering you can see starring actors in NBC's press releases. Oh-my-God we don't get to wonder if he'll ever see her again... what a big spoiler!


Sylar is on an existential quest to figure out what his life is all about... again. Great. Well, considering that the trend here is that they're giving us improved versions of old plots (a tolerable brainwashed Hiro, a decent death for Nathan) maybe they'll at least do a better job this time.


I agree to that Picazo!!!!!!


Dear Tim Kring, Do you ever look into this Forum and read what fans have to say? doubt it, we have fan in this Forum that are better writers then what you have around your table.

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