Warning: Major Gossip Girl Spoiler Ahead

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Most of the time we simply post Gossip Girl spoilers as we come across them, but most are really just news items or teasers you would have figured out anyway.

This is a pretty major Gossip Girl spoiler, however.

We don't suggest reading past the jump unless you're ready for (potentially) surprising news about the show. You'll likely have strong feelings about it.

New Season 3 Gossip Girl Cast Pic

Follow the jump to read if you dare, but we hope you're sitting down ...

Chuck and Blair are breaking up, according to
E! Online.

Rumors have been circulating throughout the day as it is, but the website's sources at the CW "aren't even trying" to put a good spin on this shocking twist.

Insiders say "It's a bad, bad breakup." Wow. Just wow.

Apparently, after almost a complete Season 3 of near bliss between Upper East Side soul mates Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf, when the happy romantic scenes are finally snatched away from us, the culprit will be Chuck.

Rumor has it Chuck does "something horrible," and that everyone is going hate him for it. Jack Bass (Desmond Harrington) is also implicated in the end of Chair, which some people have suspected from the start.

No word on exactly when it will go down, but apparently it starts to unravel in either episode 17 (Inglourious Bassterds) or episode 18 (The Unblairable Lightness of Being), both of which are set to air in mid-April.

Thoughts on this shocking Gossip Girl spoiler? Any chance it's just to throw us off? Or Chair breaks up but reconciles shortly after?

Comment away ...

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I dont think Chuck will sleep with anyone else, and Im convinced they will reunite. The writers spent like two seasons building up to them getting together, they cant end it mid way through season 3, its crazy, I have no idea what he will do thats so horrible though


No no no no noooo! Screw the writers of GG! Chair cannot break up! They're the reason why I watch GG! >:(


C and B, breaking up? Thats hard, the worst and the best couple in the Uppper East Side, I think love stories wouldn't last forever, I like them, very much but when destiny sets his plans C and B will break appart. XOXO.Gossip Girl.
P.S: from the person who wrote this, nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, I love C and B, they can't break up, I will never, ever watch GG again if they break up.


WHY????? They can't breake up! At last not forever! It would be horrible, they are the best coyple of the show!


Cannot beleive that these two actually split :( Chair die hard fans!
If Chuck sleeps with Jenny we will throw rocks at the writers windows.... grrr...


They can still be together and be interesting they dont just have to break-up just to make things " interesting" and if they did break-up i dont think that there going to chase eachother. They are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good together the writers could do so many other things to make them less boring but still be together


Well I guess Chuck will finalize realize he is gay and hook up with Eric, or wait Georgina is coming back right? If they put those two together, Chuck will really look like an ass. Kinda sucks for Blair though, maybe Blair will hook up with Dan...


Well, I know they have drifted very far from the books... but technically Chuck is supposed to be gay soooo I personally don't care that they won't be together.


i will cry for the rest of my life. no joke.

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