A Gossip Girl-Worthy Fashion Show

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Talk about a couple of fashionable cuties.

Gossip Girl co-stars Michelle Trachtenberg and Jessica Szohr chatted, goofed off and flipped back their hair at a fashion show by Jill Stuart, who dressed both Szohr and Trachtenberg for the event, at New York's Fashion Week.

Who do you think looked better?

Jessica and Michelle

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omg! ı can only say one word for michelle..."ghost" her skin is white because of her clothes she is looking more than she is


I would normally choose Michelle, but Jessica looks ok here too. :)


MICHELE! duh. Jessica is pure crap


and dont forget Michelle has talent for design too!! Her bag design for Botkier is fabuloussss!! Something I dont think Jessica could do!


I have to say: Jessica looked a lot better! Let's face it she was a model and Michelle it's not my type of beauty anyway
:) kiss


Michelle wins. Acting, style, this photo, other photos, on the show, off the show...
How is this even a question???




This is suck an unfair picture of Michelle. It basically makes Jessica the automatic winner. But Vanessa still sucks.


jessica for sure,
but i still love michelle


Michelle! Her jacket is lovely; good combination of silver, even her nails!


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