Ellen Pompeo Talks Grey's Anatomy, Babies

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Ellen Pompeo appeared on her namesake's Ellen DeGeneres' talk show yesterday to chat about Grey's Anatomy, but the highlight was really a picture of her new baby.

"Isn't she a doll?!" Ellen Pompeo gushed about her daughter Stella.

That would be four-month-old daughter, Stella Luna Pompeo Ivery, her first child with husband Chris Ivery, whose picture she happily showed off at the show's taping.

The little girl definitely qualifies as a doll, too. Awww.

"Chris loves dressing her up like him," the loquacious Grey's Anatomy cast member said of her husband and little girl, noting their adorably similar plaid button-downs.

"This works out really well for you then," DeGeneres told the actress, presenting Pompeo with a wee "I Heart Ellen" onesie. How cute is that? Talk about convenient!

Pompeo also hilariously revealed that Chris Ivery likes running around the house in the Ellen-monogrammed underwear that the talk show host gives to her guests.

"You know, it's the highlight of my life," the star laughed.

Check out a cute clip of Ellen on Ellen after the jump:

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/ellen-on-ellen/" title="Ellen on Ellen"][/video]

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God bless them!!! Lovely family!!


The baby is so cute, I want one LOL.


can any one please post the link to the whole interview , i couldnt find it on youtube and ellen is beautiful and so is her baby girl.


I love Ellen.. she is so happy.. And Stella is adorable:)


She's so happy. It's so good to see her that way. And Stella is adorable. Ellen always gives great baby presents. Now Stella can combine it with JK's present of Dr. McBaby lab coat.


Ellen is adorable when she speaks about her Stella Luna and her husband .I'm so glad to see her on a show ,because she's the main character of GA and she is time that she's interview.the last on jkl .Jessica Capshaw is nice but,i think that she so much blind spot.


Jessica on Ellen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v... and the day before: Jessica on Lopez: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v... (there's a sneak peek there, so the spoiler-avoiding ones should skip the first little bit!)


i love ellen she is so happy! i thought she was supposed to be on the show today?


What a cutie!

Steve marsi

We'd be glad to! Anyone have a link to Jessica's interview? We'll post it ASAP!

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