Gossip Girl Caption Contest 91

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Welcome to all Gossip Girl fans far and wide. The 91st edition of the Gossip Girl Insider Caption Contest, our fun Friday feature, beckons you!

This week's winner: Blair215. Congratulations! The winning caption appears below.

Thank you to everyone who participated this week and best of luck all in next week's Gossip Girl Insider Caption Contest ...

A Blair and Serena Picture

Blair: Chuck said the theme was PROHIBITION, not PROSTITUTION.

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Not funny. again.


IamGossipGirl & Blair215, Thanks ♥


@LydiaA hahahaha nice. Serena probably would guess Twenty-Twelve. Her style is very similar to Sienna Miller, and Sienna designs for Twenty8Twelve with her sister. and then after Twenty-Twelve, she might guess something like eleventy-billion.


Blair: ...so after i called Jack, Chuck and i called the police and had them raid the club whilst i got all the photographers to take pics of the celebs, and in the meantime Jenny's army did something mysterious to humiliate Johnathon and i recieved flowers that i never told anyone who gave them to me and within 5 minutes the whole club scene had finished... Serena: Wait, wait, u called the police, recieved flowers, called Jack, had the club shut down and Johnathon was humiliated by nothing! Talk about confusing... Blair: (blank stare) you're right. That was a lame storyline!


Serena: Ugh I'm not feeling too hot right now.
Blair: I know, her Miu Miu shoes do NOT go with that hideous dress. Bad fashion makes me feel sick too.


gossipgirl527, that would be funny if you didn't spell Miu Miu wrong. For the love of fashion, at least spell the designer's name right! That's like saying Mark Jacobs or Versache or Geevanshee. Dear lord!


Serena: Blair, I know you think Vanessa has diseases, but the gloves? Isn't that a bit much?
Blair: No, Serena, it's not. She brought Jenny too. I might need to pull out the gas masks.


@LydiaA I like yours! I like how I can picture Serena looking like a slow, sad kindergartner! + "twenty-twelve" haha! that's hilarious! =P


Serena: Blair? How many pearls are there on your dress? *looks sad*
Blair: Well, I don't know...
Serena: Because I tried to count them but... I forgot what number came after twenty-twelve...


Blair: Is that girl richer than us? Serena: (sigh) yes

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