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"Chuck: And just so you know; I'm not wearing any underwear... " [by SiriDavidsen]

OMG!! This one is sooo good. God, I can't stop laughing! xD


B: i'm sorry Chuck, Serena is the only one who wants to pose for playboy.


C: Sorry Blair I can't let you pass... Nate is still naked


Chuck: Blair how many times must I tell you? As my girlfriend you represent New York royaly.
Blair: I didn't realize.
Chuck: That tights are not pants, honestly!
Blair: It was only that one time....


@RufLy LOVE - thanks :) yours is funny too


Chuck: Go away , Blair.
Blair: I won't.I'll always be here for you.
Chuck: And why would you do that?
Blair: Because I love you.
Chuck: That's too bad.


Chuck: Last time I had a friend like that I wound up with gonorrhea.
Blair: Suprex?
Chuck: Rocephin.


Chuck: Just drop the coat Blair.
Blair: Can't.
Chuck: Why?
Blair: B/c Dorota forgot to do my laundry soI am wearing granny panties today.


Blair: somethings been worrying me chuck
Chuck: oh jeez the oversize coat ur pregnant!
Blair: I was going to say get rid of the suspenders but if your calling me fat!


Chuck: And just so you know; I'm not wearing any underwear...


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