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Blair: Chuck i'm just saying... its not as big as Nate's.


Chuck: And just so you know; I'm not wearing any underwear...



Blair: What do you think about my coat?
Chuck: I like it, Why?
Blair: And, What about my headband? ... Wait, they've got rid of my headband too!
Chuck: I know how you feel, the same happened with my scarf!

- This one should win, it made me laugh out loud !!!


Blair: Chuck my head's up here



a correction in the last one, ehehehe


B: Let's play who blinds first: you or my boobs.
*2 minutes*
C: DAMN IT, I lost ):


C: I don't think it's a good idea...
B: Let's have our threesome. Call the third person.
C: *sad* I already told Eric to leave.
B: No problem. DOROTA!


F***, I just forgot what I wanted to say!!!


Blair: Chuck, I have a serious question.
Chuck: What is it Blair?
Blair: Does this outfit make me look fat?!?
Chuck: "Distracted" I'm sorry. What did u say? I was staring at your boobs...
Blair: Okay, nevermind...


Thankss, @allisonnw :)

allisonnw Says:
February 27th, 2010 1:56 PM

Chuck:"All, you have to do is tell me where it is."
Blair: Chuck, I'm being honest. I have no idea where it is."
Chuck:"Alright, lets search our chemistry has to be here somewhere.."

You too! Very funny, lol!!

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