Grey's Anatomy Episode Stills: "Valentine's Day Massacre"

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Below are episode stills from this week's all-new Grey's Anatomy, "Valentine's Day Massacre." It looks like it's going to be a really intense week on the personal and medical fronts!

The doctors treat dozens of people when the roof of a romantic restaurant collapses on Valentine's Day. In other news, Meredith struggles with her new  duties as the chief's "wife."

Lexie also goes blonde, Owen counsels Derek and former guest star Sarah Drew is back, having been rehired by the show and the (handsome, even sans necktie) interim Chief.

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V-Day Massacre
D-Shep Picture
New Chief of Surgery
Double the Hotness

Follow the jump for many more photos from "Valentine's Day Massacre" and tell us what you think will happen in this episode. Sneak preview clips will be posted shortly!

Lexie as a Blonde
Doctor Bailey Photo
Press Conference
Overseeing the Situation
Drs. Robbins and Bailey
Der and ...
Sullen Chief
The Head of Trauma
Owen Hunt in Action
Blonde Lexie!
Sarah Drew is Back
Chaos at SGMWH
Derek and AZ
Bailey Runs the Show
Cute Meredith Pic
A Meredith Grey Photograph

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I am married to a surgeon and we had always time to dress up and be off duty Shandra is a little off she needs to give the public what he feels is right.she forgot that Addisson did not want a baby with der because of her career and then it was to late.please Shondra let merder be really happy even Patrick Demsey wants is full of problem give some joy to the fans


The actor who plays Alex will be one of the cast who will be staying on past 7 seasons. Probably not KH though


I WISH, WISH,WISH I still cared about someone on this show. My only interest is Alex, and I dont know how long that will last without Izzie. I miss getting excited about this show.


Derek in a suit...gotta be happy for that.


April again to Grey,because we must see her ,i hope that she does an error so she goes out ...ahhhhh okey i'm so little bad, i don't like one's.I hope only that we can see more scenes between Merder than the last time...this exit in four 'll be crash for catastrophe- restaurant,so it always the same story...


I think we'll see Mer having to go to meetings as a support to her husband the chief. Writing chief Shepherd is odd. I guess Mer is a contrast as a wife to Ad. Ad always was very dressey cos of her money. Mer has never been a dressup type. We've only seen her in an evening dress at the hospital once ( that was alovely dress and Mer looked great). The grey jumper, wasn't that her Christmas outfit. But yes, I do hope we see Mer in dresses, we know that Ellen is an elegant lady. Perhaps Der could have some new suits, seeing as he splashed out on a very posh car to befit his new status


Looking forward to this! The double date of Cris and Owen and Mer and Der. I'm also looking forward for a date with Bailey and the gas man! I guess that will have to wait because she has surgeries...I think he will be in on. Also, blonde Lexie! I saw this promo on YouTube and the first scene was Alex in a supply closet with a blonde and they were kissing... Uh oh. o.o Tell me that isn't Lexie!


I want to make it clear first that Mer is always beautiful,but i remember that last time Heigl seems a model ,while to Mer Shonda does put a grey pullover.I think that shonda can give to Mer anytrhing better as a dress red or black her favourite colour.I speak so because she's the main character of the show and no the last character...


I am going to be looking forward to seeing Owen and Derek taking the women they out or at least trying to. I hope that when the girls dress up, it takes the guys breath away.


Meredith is so pretty:). And in the promo it is definetly Mer, Der in front.. Derek is driving, and Owen and Cristina in the back. The Valentine double date! And in the pics where Mer is in grey, I think something to do with the Chief stuff cause Derek was waiting for Meredith! Can't wait. I am so exicted for this episode.

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