Grey's Anatomy Love Triangle Over? Or Just Getting Started?

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This season's love triangle between Owen, Cristina and Teddy on Grey's Anatomy has already been as passionate as it is complex. But is this just the beginning?

“I think as the season draws to a close it’s going to get pretty intense and more complicated then it already is,” Kevin McKidd (Owen) told TV Guide Magazine.

“Also I think things come up with Owen beyond Christina and Teddy," he adds.

"More stuff comes up about his past that he has to deal with so that gets really interesting as well as complicates even more his situation with the two women.”

Interesting ... we'd love to hear your theories on that, readers.

Owenstina and Teddy

Who would Owen choose if it were Kevin McKidd's call to make?

“I always imagined that Owen and Christina would always be together," he notes. "As me being a fan of the show and going beyond playing the character, I’ve always kind of pictured them being together and having this tempestuous relationship.”

Maybe due to hanging with Grey’s Anatomy cast member and expectant father Eric Dane at the 8th Annual World Poker Tour Invitational (whose charity of choice, Chrysalis, benefitted from the night’s winnings, he has babies on the brain too.

“I’ve always thought it would be cool to see (Owen and Christina) have a baby together down the line,” Kevin McKidd adds, immediately making us smile at the prospect.

Now that would be a story to watch. Maybe Season 8 or 9?

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Thanks for the name Marlowe's name. Mark and Teddy I am not convinced will work as a couple. But I think there's some comedy to be had in Calizona thinking they are SGMWH Matchmakers Ltd. I just want to see the arrival of MerDer's baby at the very end of GA. Maybe a wedding too to round things off on a happy note for GA too. I could even see Bailey and the gas man getting hitched and MEr going into labor at the wedding. LOL. Ny imagination is running away with itself! Tee hee


I am glad that KMK is No1 O/C fanboy, he even wants an O/C baby! Me too! I know it won't happen, but hey a girl can dream! O/C baby will be super cute, and a preganant Cristina will be hilarious to watch!

Mumbles cit

mer show in season 5 that she has characterizes of a mother. so I think sr going to making her a mother.


omg not more "love triangle" drama!!! This story line has weighed down an other wise great season. Its not even a real love triangle. Owen already made his choice by staying with cristina so it's pretty much Teddy being pathetic and pining for Owen. Can we please explore Owen and Crisitina's relationship separate from Teddy.


Love triangle is good. Keeps the drama! (While it doesn’t involve MerDer!)
And this one is better because both Cristina and Teddy “love� each other professionally. And that is more than interesting!
I hope for Teddy because Cristina, like Ellis, put her career in first place. And family and love in second place isn’t a thing that Owen deserves. I wish a McHouse and McBabies! Remember the house of candles? Mer said “that's the room where our kids could play�! That’s the perfect finale!


@ Guest, In PD's defense, he has always been a huge supporter of the couple and its SLs, so in several interviews he had expressed his own opinion about it. This is nothing new from him. I'll reserve my opinion about KH because I dislike her. I think that SR can control only so much about the actor's opinions about it. They aren't allowed to spill out SLs but they have a right to their opinion about it.


Nobody is getting a baby on GA, because Shonda doesn't do Baby on GA. As for Cris wanting baby, I don't see it, and if Owen and Cris have a baby we won't see the storyline. As for MerDer baby I think Shonda twittered the other day about the time the TV Guide article about EP came out, that Meredith doesn't want children now, but later. I don't think we will see that either.


Owenstina baby? Why not? Yes, Cris had no interest in the past. But people change, especially when they settle into partnered life. It is believable that Cristina would want to be a mother down the line. Hate the Teddy triangle - so contrived.


@jude - I did think about Teddy and Mark hooking up - as to whether or not they'll become an honest-to-God couple, I don't think so. They're too hung up on the other people in their lives and I'd be very surprised if they could get over it and find happiness in each other. If there has to be a baby, it should be MerDer because it would make the most sense. I think both of them want one eventually, it would be a natural progression. I also think it would ruin watching MerDer for me, because I love how into each other they are and I feel a baby would ruin that dynamic. Thus, I want them to have a baby but I don't necessarily want to watch it. If there was to be an Owentina baby (which I think would be totally weird and awkward), I think it'd be quite awhile because I don't think Cristina trusts Owen not to hurt her like Burke did. And if Owen wants a baby he's going to have to be REALLY nice to Cristina. I just don't see it happening. I feel the need to reiterate - I want a MerDer baby, just not during the run of the show!


Her old teacher from med school/ former lover is Dr. Colin Marlowe. I think that's how you spell his last name. Who would forget the "more than a hug" he gave Cristina? o.o And George watching. o.o

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