Grey's Anatomy Promo: "Perfect Little Accident"

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Below is a promo for next week's Grey's Anatomy, "Perfect Little Accident." We posted a photo gallery a few days ago, but this is the first clip we've seen so far.

Looks like another good installment, no? The scene with Derek walking in on Lexie could be priceless, and there appears to be plenty of Teddy-Cristina drama.

Check out this teaser for the March 4 episode, the 16th of the current sixth season, and tell us what you think we can expect and what you most look forward to ...

[video url="" title="Perfect Little Accident Promo"] [/video]

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The brunette guest star tonight was Courtney Ford, most recently seen on Dexter


does anybody know who the brunette guest star was in this episode?


Lexie is bound to get hurt in this sex only 'relationship' with Alex. She'll also get guilted out when Iz reappears... Especially if Mer has to offer Iz a place to stay!! Imagine IzLex working together in the hospital, oo er. I wish Alexie would move out... Mer dosen't need her'family' any more living at her house. She just needs her husband. Why hasn't Der followed this house sharing status up with Mer? I know, they'd have to build another set on GA


I'm all for manwhore Mark. He's funny, witty, and holds nothing back. That man that had no shame in who he is, thank God it's back. I thought that he needed some growing up but really, turned the Mark character into something else. I enjoyed his 'parenthood' days, though. I just don't think that Lexie is the place to have a relationship with Mark just yet. Maybe later but hopefully, I won't have to see it. Oh, and to whoever said that it isn't Derek's house...Legally married or not, if Meredith or Derek have altered legal papers such as wills or power of attorneys (which I assume that they have), Derek is fully entitled to that house. I'm taking a wild guess and assume that neither Lexie or Alex are paying rent or very low rent, meaning that both Meredith and Derek are picking up the larger part, hence, power of the house. When are MerDer going to kick the roomates out?! @ ana114, IMO, Meredith doesn't have to choose. She should stay out of it because of that impossible situation. One is her 'sister' and the other one is one of her bffs. If Meredith gets involved, she sure can lose someone and it's better off that she doesn't, so her family stays intact in HER relations with them.


The walking in on folks getting ready for/having/finished s*x is an old favorite of GA writers. Der walked in when Callie was with Mark also S4(?) and of course Adison and Mark. Der's returning the favor cos Lex walked on MeDer in the kitchen. Oh Lex walked in on Calizona in the shower. Then there was AlIz walking in on the stair s*x. Webber walked in on MerDer in the trailer. I'm bound to have forgotten some more interupted. Will Bailey join this list, she walked in on Callie and Mark so...


Ah,the page setup has changed. Got to start at the last page first to make sense of what everyone is saying


I can understand Lexie and Alex hooking up. Its is not a serious thing for either one of them. They are friends with benefits, seeking comfort in each other that they are unable to get from the ones they truly care about (Mark and Izzie) I hate what is happening with Mark Sloan and Lexie though! I want them together again so badly! To be seeing Mark reverting back to his manwhoreish ways is disgusting. All the growth we saw his character make is down the drain. I really really hope Sexy Slexie reunites by seasons end. They were the only thing keeping me interested in watching this season.


@ christiesia, I get what you mean, and I guess a few of you misunderstude me, what I meant with L being like season2_Mere, is that her dark and twisty side comes out....while Mer play happy sappy wifey...:) PS:I love the new Mere,) and for blaiming Krista Vernoff: SHE IS THE ONLY ONE from the creators and writers that always state how she loves ML and that they are the perfect match!:) Shonda on the other hand always says, how much she loves MArk with Addison ..Just like at the NCAAP awards last week:( And she never has anything good to say about ML:(


Poor Derek, walking in on his sister-in-law naked and in bed, then later walking in on Sloan in the Hospital, all so funny can't wait to see the full episode.


The whole 'daughter' thing sounded like Bold and the Beautiful. That was stupid. Xandi: I half agree with you. Lexie IS NOT like season 2 Meredith, with that I agree with ana114. But the thing about their viwers - isn't that a wake up call? Jackson, Reed, April, Charles and Teddy are all new. I hate them all. The only half normal one is Jackson. There is also one more thing. People shouldn't blame Shonda for everything. Blame Krista Vernoff! She is head writer and Shonda left to write for Private Practice. Shonda has only made one mistake with Private Practice - Addison and Sam. HUGE mistake. Saddison. The name says it all.

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