Grey's Anatomy Promo: "Perfect Little Accident"

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Below is a promo for next week's Grey's Anatomy, "Perfect Little Accident." We posted a photo gallery a few days ago, but this is the first clip we've seen so far.

Looks like another good installment, no? The scene with Derek walking in on Lexie could be priceless, and there appears to be plenty of Teddy-Cristina drama.

Check out this teaser for the March 4 episode, the 16th of the current sixth season, and tell us what you think we can expect and what you most look forward to ...

[video url="" title="Perfect Little Accident Promo"] [/video]

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Izzie came back briefly and Alex told her basically that there marriage is over, Izzie didn't stick around to talk things out, she just took off assuming the worst of Alex. Lexie & Alex had a past long before Izzie and Alex got together, I can understand that it is wrong for them to be sleeping together morally, but I can also understand them wanting to have sex with each other, they are both hurting. Lexie may have physically broke up with Mark, but Mark broke up with Lexie emotionally first, picking his daughter he just met a month before over his girlfriend who he asked to move in with him and almost asked to marry him in a roundabout way. Then that same said daughter just used Mark for lodging and medical expenses, and Mark sleeping with Addison that's just as unforgivable. It may take some time but I can see Mark and Lexie getting back together. Izzie and Alex not so much, he only married her because he thought she was dying, Alex may care about Izzie but he's not in love with her anymore.


ana114. totally agree, but I have to say that he may not stop he is totally the u hurt me i hurt u type.... so he may continue carrying on with her just to rub izzie's face it. He has b4.


Lexie is nothing like season 2 Meredith. Meredith had sex with many guys that she didn't know, and they were single. Lexie is just sleeping with one guy who is married and has a lot of baggage and that doesn't make her a bad girl, but it makes her disloyal person, putting her sister in a impossible position here, I mean who is Meredith is going to side when Izzie comes back. Some one is going to get hurt, and I think is going to be Lexie, because Alex is going to stop having sex with her once Izzie comes back. Just saying.


Xandi, i so much agree with you. we are so many who stopped watching Grey's and idiot Lexie is one of the reasons. but we still love MerDer Christina and Bailey and we get pissed with the whole crap. It' s a pity.....


omg....i really hate lexie now.
shes just so annoying an careless and stupid. im sorry to say that, but shes a sad excuse for a woman....sleeping with a married guy (! and she was on the wedding and she know that izzy is sick and...argh!) and all "Im sooo cool right now, I rock because I sleep with a guy and forget my ex". :(
and alex...I just dont know..i liked him so much. but now I thnik hes such an idiot...cheatin on his wife (they are NOT divorced and he is so not over izzy) and telling us "woah, I dont care!". this sucks :(
im just so mad that my favorite tvshows turns into this...I dont know. I hope things get better....


It almost looks like Mark's place that Lexie is at....that is still her home...maybe she was trying to surprise him. Anyway, at first I felt sorry for Mark, but really...he needs to get over himself and stop having sex with everyone. Lexie apologized. She loves him. He loves her. Get over the whole Sloan thing and just be with her.


this whole lexi alex thing needs to end. I am all for lexi mark but its not gonna happen. Hahahah i love derek


I quite like lexie. I used to love Mark-Lexie, but since they broke up I don't really mind. I thought it was getting kinda old...Watching some season 4 early season 5 stuff, I think Alex and Lexie are cute together. Like in Valentine's day Massacre when he looked up at her and smiled. It seems like he cares for her.
But my ultimate dream is for Lexie and Jackson to hook up :D


Perfect Shonda!!!!*sarcastic*smile WTF, way to crash a characters development!!!! Yeah sure lets, M and L sex their sorrow out with other people!! YEAH!!! For the last time yeah the show´s viewers ship dropped over 10 million since its second season , but that doesn't mean you should let Lexie act like season 2 _ Meredith now, And WTF, do you really not care about the fact that there are soooo many people rooting for ML, the only people that are happy about their break-up are the "haters", but now you make them hate Lexie even more through letting her screw around with Alex!!! And for gods sake, Mark has other friends than Callie too,!!! Yeah whatever, I have stopped watching the show, but i will watch the finale and well lets ´see how it is going to be, for the record, i am not pissed because ML broke up but because how sh.... and OOC-ly the whole thing since 6.10 was written, but at least the "daughter" is gone, BTW way to go with miscasting a character, couse Leven may have looked similar to ED but hell she COULDN`T act!!!


Between "Mrs Sheperd" and "Yes Dear" Hotteness scenes,i need and i want ,but Shonda is a...all do sex or be on the point of doing it,but Meredith and Derek .This is ridicolus...I think that Shonda stretch from that cloud has created,because crumb is irreplaceable.With this thing of Er ,she is trashing GA.I don't want to return Izzie,because now i lose Izzie...Alex does sex with Lexie...

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