Grey's Anatomy Promo: "Time Warp"

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Below is the first promo for this week's blast-from-the-past episode of Grey's Anatomy, fittingly called "Time Warp." As Interim Chief, Derek restores the hospital lecture series.

As members of the panel, Richard, Bailey and Callie all discuss pivotal surgical cases from their pasts - Bailey reflects on her days as a shy resident, Callie on a polio case, and Chief Webber ventures back to when he and Ellis Grey worked on a patient diagnosed with GRID.

That virus later came to be known as AIDS.

The flashback-heavy hour sheds light on the beginnings of the affair between the Chief (played by J. August Richards) and Ellis (Sarah Paulson) in 1982, as well as 2004 reflections featuring Dr. Bailey in her pre-”Nazi” days and Callie before she was introduced.

Here's the first promo. Sneak peeks and photo gallery to come ...

[video url="" title="Time Warp Promo"] [/video]

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Ok now we are getting somewhere we can see in merediths reaction when the chief starts to speak that she knows something. I think that she found out in her dairies that the chief is really her father. I know what all of you are going to say what about the transplant all she didn't have to be a biological match remember the humpity dumpity surgery six unrelated donors giving to six people. So that is how that works.


!!!! oh may god!!! and oh may cat!!!!
q lindo es greys anatomyyyyyy
la veo todos los lunes a las 9.00pm en S
(: q emocion


Yea, little Mer is utterly believable. I'm liking Ellis less and less, she's just hot for Webber and her job. No good vibes for Mer or Thatch. I can see me needing several tissues whenever we see little Mer


I just saw the five sneak peeks they released and little Meredith was one of them. The way she is calling for her mother breaks your heart =/ I will say they matched this child perfectly to Ellen. She really looks like she could be her daughter.


Oooh...I'd love to see what Cristina was like before her dad died, I always wondered how much that affected her.


I wonder if there will be any flashback of Cristina's childhood/college years... Anyway, looking foward for it (Bailey! :)).


I'm not certain, of course, but I've always gotten the vibe that Meredith was a bit of a "surprise" to Ellis and Thatcher. Though, you know, Ellis is a surgeon and you'd think she'd be incredibly careful, there's always that margin of error...I just can't imagine Ellis wanting to have a child, ever, except for maybe with Richard.


I think we'll see 4 year old Mer using the surgical floor as her play area whilst she's waiting for Ellis to finish. Webber refered to her childhood taking place on the surgical floors. Thatch must have had to work as well, so I could imagine there were times when Mer had neither parent supervising her. I think Webber's guilt will come out again. I can't imagine why Ellis had a child, she never came across as having very maternal feelings


Did someone turn out the lights on this clip, or is it might screen? If Der is having his defining moment at SGH, it must mean Chief Webber was right in saying that Der was not challenging himself before he came to Seattle. MAC are also looking back, so it'll be interesting to see where they are in the time line, are they interns or residents supervising residents?


Okey,i don't like these flashbacks ,i don't undenstand these flashbacks for explaing the past in the future...i wait to see the episode to say that i think ...but it 'll be connect to the last episode or not...I think that every episode don't seem connected,this is my sensation.

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