Grey's Anatomy Review: "State of Love and Trust"

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There's a new Interim Chief, but the like the real world, the problems at Grey's Anatomy's Seattle Grace clearly can't be fixed in one day. But it was great to watch Derek try.

Between Bailey's patient (and her love interest), Alex and Arizona kicking a$$ in peds, Mark and Lexie on the rocks and the Owen-Cristina drama, there's plenty up in the air.

It was vintage Grey's Anatomy from start to finish. Here's our official recap (plus quotes and music) from last night. Now, here's our review of "State of Love and Trust" ...

REHAB: It's not just for Amy Winehouse anymore. The board has appointed Derek interim Chief, and told Richard he has to retire or go to rehab, then return to his post.

Richard is so angry at Derek, he can barely see straight, and James Pickens, Jr., delivers a seething scowl like no other. Ultimately, Bailey convinces him to choose rehab.

This was one of many Bailey high points. When a patient wakes up on the table mid-surgery, she is traumatized and won't let Miranda do a subsequent surgery she needs.

Big Boss Man

Ties alone don't make the Chief, Derek learned.

Meredith has to do it, and Bailey is a strong mentor for her. The side plot is that Bailey goes off on the anesthesiologist (Jason George), who recently came over from Mercy West.

Ultimately, we learn it wasn't his fault, and she apologizes ... or as close as Bailey can bring herself to. There's definitely some chemistry there. Can't wait to see where it goes!

Later, Bailey encourages Derek to do apologize to the patient, and to the staff, and start fresh. He does, with a great closing narrative, and even hires back some former staff.

Team Der ... and Bailey!

PEDS IS HARD CORE: Arizona's working with Alex on teenager with stomach pain, and even as he takes a ribbing from Jackson over it, it's clear Alex is at home in pediatrics.

Reminiscent of his days working with Addison, he sticks up for the patient when his parents won't, even after they end up doing exploratory surgery that yields no answers.

While the kid is in intensive care, his father lays into Alex, but then the kid crashes. Teddy gets called into surgery (more on that shortly) and ultimately they save the day.

Alex tears the kid's father a new one, which earns a strong rebuke from Arizona, but he clearly won her respect overall. This should be a fun new (professional) relationship!

Peds Peeps

Arizona proved a terrific, albeit unlikely mentor for Alex.

THIS ISN'T GONNA WORK: One of the funniest moments of the season, if not in the history of Grey's Anatomy, was despondent Mark lying in bed with Callie ... and Arizona.

It's not like that. He's still upset Lexie slept with Alex after breaking up with him ... even though he's being a hypocrite. Still, it's complicated and about more than just his ego.

Reminiscent of Season 1-2, with George lying next to Mer and Izzie, the episode closed with a shot of Mark, his BFF and her girlfriend staring at the ceiling, awkwardly. Classic.

Mark and Lexie have to get back together soon... right?

BURN NOTICE: Sandra Oh wins the award for most powerful performance on an episode packed with them last night. Things with Cristina and Owen are literally heating up!

Seriously. A boiler room sex romp leaves her rear end burned, but make no mistake, she's loving it. But then the worst thing that can happen to Cristina Yang essentially does.

Tedd, who had Avery on her service all day, pages Yang during the teenager's surgery. Owen, who is all over her at that moment, urges her not to leave ... and she does not.

Later, Teddy berates Cristina for ignoring her page.

Owen tries to help, but it's no use. She accuses him of trying to screw her into submission, and he laments that she doesn't give any of herself to him, so he can't know her.

Also reminiscent of the old days, when Burke said the exact same thing. Speaking of Burke, Owen learned for the first time, via Derek and Mark, that she left him at the altar.

Confronted, she insists Burke isn't relevant to Owen, but loving him meant giving a part of her away. She's terrified it'll happen again with Owen, who she loves even more.

Will they be able to work through this? We'll see.

What did you think of last night's Grey's Anatomy?


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Great episode last night. Very good.
Mark and Lexie.
Rocky, rocky, rocky. Okay, the way Mark is acting is sooo hypocritical. I loved, past tense, Maddison but I don't see anything going with it, no relationship, whatsoever. I am now Slexie all the way. I liked the elevator scene. It made my heart break to see Lexie almost breaking down. I loved the way Mark looked, so... heartfelt to Lexie. I think he still feels something. PLEASE MAKE THEM GET BACK TOGETHER. Can't wait to see Lexie blonde.
Chief Shepherd
Seems a little weird. Rocky first day as chief. Great advice from Bailey. Liked it, overall.
Cristina and Owen
Hot, damn! Owen is acting all caveman-like, it's a little weird since he's gentle. But it's kinda... hot. I loved when she said that she loved him more than she loved Burke. She made herself into what Burke would want into a woman. With Owen, she can be herself.
Peds Alex
Wow. I agree with Arizona that he can't act abrasive to the parents but save the lives of the kids. Great future in Peds, Karev!
Mark, Callie, Arizona
Mark and Callie's friendship is so amazing. I love how they care about each other. I loved how Callie asked Mark is he's okay. It was a nice way to see an inspiration from Izzie, George, and Meredith in the bed. I loved when Arizona said that it wasn't going to work for her.
I loved how he chose to go to rehab. He's admitting he's an alcoholic... but he can go right back to his job. He can go back to chief.
Bailey and the Gas Man
I loved the O.R. scene. Some loving for the Nazi! =D


Oh by the way, about your quotes; it's Arizona who says "This really isn't gonna work for me...", not Mark!
(can't comment there, that's why I mention this here - hope that's okay)


Great episode: intelligent, mature and well written. And the acting was phenomenal, Sandra even made me shiver at the end! ps. love the GA Insider reviews - talking of great writing! ;)


I was watching again (as usual) and thinking about Bailey. So I have to came back to add a few things. I didn’t understand why Bailey didn’t apologize to Leslie in the first time. She told Derek that Richard would have done it. But she didn’t. Why? Maybe because just like Derek, Miranda sees in black and white. No grey area. That’s why they are so good friends since the beginning. In the OR she was scared. She panicked. The patient was right. She couldn’t say a word to change it. Because it was inexcusable for Dr. Miranda Bailey to lose control in the OR. Her OR. Just like Derek wanting a job he had to take to protect the hospital from a drunken Richard. They are both honorable and truthful. A little hard with themselves. But in a lovely and admirable way. Love them.


Loved the episode! Sandra Oh deserves an Emmy sooo much, she did an amazing job like always. It was heartbreaking when Cristina talked about Burke and how he broke her, I really hope Owen won't break her in an other way, they need to stay together! I only can repeat you, it was good to see Alex in peds, that's where he belongs and Arizona is a great teacher for him. Poor Lexie, Mark is treating her too cruel. I hope she'll move on soon, I used to feel sorry for Mark, but now I don't, it was enough for him to act like a child! But the Mark-Callie-Arizona-scene in the bed was really funny, I loved that. (sorry for my english)


SOOOO good.
I love how Meredith acknowledges that she's still mad about what Derek did but she'll support him nonetheless.
I love how Derek struggled a bit, because he started the episode all wrong. But why in the hell would Jennings walk Richard through right when Derek does his speech? Stupid, why don't you just rub it in his face? Part of Derek wanted the job but I truly believe he has everyone's best interests at heart. He even told Richard the job would be waiting for him when he returned from rehab - even Derek wants Richard back.
Poor Bailey. It seems like lately the one thing she's good at is her job and then she has a patient that doesn't want her to touch her because she understandably panics a bit when she finds out her patient is awake. Personally I thought this mistake was going to get Jason George (do you find it weird we don't know his character's name yet?) hired but this made sense. Bailey hates everybody at first, and I think regular tension will ease into romantic tension. I love how he's into Bailey already. She deserves it.
I'm so glad Alex didn't do any "I hate kids, I don't want to be here" crap because this is so totally where he belongs. It's nice to see him getting back on his feet.
And Cristina's thing at the end totally made sense. You KNOW she didn't answer Teddy's page because she didn't want Owen to think she was trading him again, but it hurt her SO MUCH to have to do that. It was not her at all. And I could see how that scared her so much, because while Burke changed her, she did love him so to have him do an about face and leave broke her for awhile, and the last thing she wants is to go through that again. But Owen's a better man than Burke, I think, so he'll find a way to get through to Cristina.


and I sorry for my english


I'm with mari about owen, he's trying show he doesn't feel anything for teddy pretty hard, that's crap, poor cristina and poor teddy. And caveman and passion are fine, but that's kisses....he needs be careful with her teeth. And teddy is supossed to be his friend and he let her alone, she came for him and now she's alone and teaching her girlfriend, she should go away, but this isn't real life moreover I don't like owen from some chapters ago and anything change my mind again, he's a jxxk


This season has given some really great performances so far and I was so excited to see my favourite couple blossom and just be amazing but I have to say I am worried. After seeing the trailer for next weeks episode it looks like Lexie is about to move on - she's even changed her hair colour. Mark needs to realise fast that she's hurting too and that he made a mistake because I can't take anymore of my favourite couple's (used to be a massive alex/izzie and merder shipper) ending! That scene in the elevator was classic Grey's!
Alex is absolutely amazing as a PED surgeon. The way he sticks up for the kids is the way Alex is... he doesn't know how to stay calm. He's just like Christina in that way... he doesn't know any other way.
My laugh out loud bit of the whole episode though is when Arizona says "this isn't working for me" when all three of them are in bed together! Loved it!
I'm a little unsure about Derek being the Chief though. I know it was only the first episode but in my opinion he went the wrong way about it and why oh why has he brought those two back?! Can't wait for next week!


I was really on the edge of my seat watching this episode. Ive had mixed emotions over the last few weeks regarding grey's anatomy in general. But now this episode have revived my reasons why I love this series so much. Well first and foremost my fave couple are making out big time. Owen and Cristina first scenes was really hot. Mamma Mia! But I dont know if anybody notice how startled Cristina was when she entered the boiler room and Owen approached her hurriedly to shower her with kisses. The look on her face for a second there was priceless. But she loved his caveman style of making of love. A bit awkward but still hot in my opinion. Boy that scene where she was walking funny because of a sex injury was really hilarious particularly with Alex teasing her and when Lexie took over Mer attending Cristina was really funny. Her crying over Mark while treating Cristina's butt absolutely cracked me up. The lines amazing. I find Teddy pathetic in a way. Why can't she accept the fact that Owen loves Cristina. She is so unprofessional letting her emotions get in the way. But the scene where she tried to page Cristina while making love to Owen. Awesome. I was touched when Cristina chose to be with Owen. All in all Owen/Cristina scenes almost perfect! Love it! Bailey's ordeal was really intense. Great scenes. Oh I think she deserves to have somebody now and this budding romance is quite interesting. I love Mark and Lexie but Mark is an a**. Chauvinistic Mark. But I think they should still be together. I miss them together. But it is interesting to let it hang in the air for sometime. Give Mark a lesson by making him try to win Lexie back. But eventually end up together. MerDer is okay. Alex and Arizona working together was cute. Derek as chief not strong enough. I dont want Webber to go. The scene with Mark on the bed with Calzona was funny. All in all something to look forward to. Cant wait for more episodes.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 6 Episode 13 Quotes

Burke was- He took something from me. He took little pieces of me, little pieces over time, so small I didn't even notice, you know? He wanted me to be something I wasn't, and I made myself into what he wanted. One day I was me Cristina Yang, and then suddenly I was lying for him, and jeopardizing my career, and agreeing to be married and wearing a ring, and being a bride. Until I was standing there in a wedding dress with no eyebrows, and I wasn't Cristina Yang anymore. And even then, I would've married him. I would have. I lost myself for a long time. And now that I'm finally me again, I can't. I love you. I love you more than I loved Burke. I love you. And that scares the crap out of me because when you asked me to ignore Teddy's page, you took a piece of me, and I let you. And that will never happen again.


[lying with Callie and Arizona] This isn't gonna work for me ...