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Despite its ranking as the lowest-rated show on network television, and despite the fact that many of the most passionate Heroes defenders have turned on the show after an anti-climactic, boring season finale, NBC has not officially axed this once-great drama.

The same knuckleheads that forced out Conan O'Brien after seven months as host of The Tonight Show are actually considering another season of Heroes because... well, they have few alternatives.

Samuel in Command

Samuel's accent was just one of several inconsistencies that plagued season four of Heroes.

If the series does return, we might as well offer a few suggestions for how it can stop sucking. We're no longer fooling ourselves into thinking it can ever go back to season one quality, but if Tim Kring and company follow these ideas, perhaps it won't be the laughing stock of TV critics around the country...

  • Get rid of Tracy, Mohinder and Ando. Yes, the first two are somehow still characters on the show. It's utterly asinine to ask viewers to care about people that pop up randomly every 10 episodes. No need to kill them off. Just utter two lines about their whereabouts next year and be done with it. Ando, meanwhile, serves no purpose other than to banter with Hiro in Japanese.
  • Don't ever mention a premonition dream ever again. Nothing gets to the heart of this show's lazy writing more than this plot device. Take the time to actually build suspense, as opposed to creating a supposedly exciting storyline simply because Angela announces she saw something happen.
  • No more time travel. If this means actually killing off Hiro, so be it.
  • Remember the name of the show. When was the last time anyone did anything heroic? Claire whines about her lot in life, Sylar is full of internal angst, Parkman literally hasn't left home in weeks. Have characters interact with actual, non-special human beings and not seem like self-absorbed, confused narcissists at all times.
  • Have a plan. This is the key factor for any solid series. Kring has admitted he and the staff don't draw out the full season ahead of time - and, man, does it show! Samuel spent 15 episodes just talking this year, not actually taking action until an event outside of anything seen or built up before (his ex rejecting him) took place.

Was there any "a-ha!" moment in season four? Did it ever feel like events fell naturally into place and followed a thought-out path when you retraced them back a few episodes?

In other words, Heroes staff, this is all we're asking if you still have a job this fall: just write a season that makes sense. Yes, things have fallen so far that we'll settle for mere logic.


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I agree with Briles - very strange development for Parkman ... and, yes, if Sylar does not stay good, it would be ridicolous ... I liked the Circus idea, but the whole Samuel story was a disaster --- at some point I really would have liked for NikiSander´s son to come back - with his ability to communicate with "technical things" he could have at least talked all the TV screens and digital file data into changing itself into a more intelligent 2nd half of the season.


I agree, that Ando is a fresh comic relief. I also enjoy His and Hiro´s friendship - but like EVERYTHNG else, it should be more intelligently developed... as friends, they could do many "heroic" things together... --- For some intelligent ideas about time travel - check out some old Star Trek episodes (e.g. "Q" ones) --- I mainly agree, that this series SHOULD definitely be developed over the whole season - this is the dramatic element, which we all liked so much in the first season --- In my opinion, they would now best develop a story similar to X-Men and the conflicts with "normal" hunmanity.


I wouldn't so much say no more time travel as much as limit time travel. Make Hiro reluctant to use this power unless it's under extreme circumstances. Or, better, find a way to limit the power itself (say that time travel puts a serious strain on Hiro, seriously limiting his life span.) And I think that a smaller episode run (maybe 12 episodes) with the entire season planned out ahead would seriously help if they wish to continue with the full on serialized story telling style. Now, I would be willing to accept more episodes if they moved to a more "stand alone stories with the serialized main story as a back drop" strategy, which is probably their best bet right now. And seriously, get rid of Tim Kring and the weakest links amongst the writers. Like, now.


It seems that the writers are introducing more characters and plots so that they can stay employed…To fix the Heroes, The writers need to wake up and start writing for the viewers/fans!
Not to move the focus of your fix…but another important point we should look at is that there were too many inconsistencies with Samuel’s power. How is it possible for him to be alone with his brother; away from everyone with power and be able to use his power when his power is dependent on the others? This was also the case when he captured is ‘girl friend’ and was able to stop Peter without any the others being remotely near him….However, in the finally, he was totally powerless when the others weren’t around…. Tim Kring?


I definitely agree with what F.D says. If Samson Gray would be able to take Claires ability the show would become awesome. I can't imagine he's well enough to chase after her, so maybe he tricks her into visiting him, claiming he knows something or can help each other. What we'd have is Samson Grey, now the villain reliving his old life hunting down other 'specials' for their abilities. This also means we would have Peter and Sylar working together to try and stop him - no doubt with a bif of confusion on Sylars part (greater good or my father?) Personally i think it's a shame the show hasn't moved forward already. How awesome have all the glimpses of the future been throughout the show. Hard nut Hiro and scarface Peter etc. I'd like things to head in that direction.


i apologise but im sick of evre one hating on tracy it not her fault the writer's cant write to save there life only bryan fuller could write for tracy and evre1 else by the looks of it


Dear Maj, Please learn to spell. D-U-M-B-A-S-S! You should have been a blowjob, sir. Peace. Sincerely,


how unfortunate is it that this show went the way it did? season one was such an AMAZING season filled with hope for many good years of exciting, fun tv to come. how in god's name did you fuck the rest up?? i mean, we barely even go any of the title out of the show!! Who was a HERO? The only thing I saw after season one were a bunch of whiny bitches with special powers arguing about the same things over and over again!! who was an actual hero?? Hiro was on his way before he was sidetracked with some of the laziest, ridiculous, uneventful plot lines in tv history! Matt Parkman went from being a possible hero to complete asshole (and not in a fun antihero way either)... seriously, i've never really seen a 4 season character arc go from blue collar, hard on luck guy starts acting heroic with special powers to compete douche bag with special powers for no reason. hey, could we watch more of HRG and Claire bickering? I know! Let's have a single mom's special power be that she's got her dead psycho twin sister's personality splitting time with her, (which was weird but at least original and bad ass), then we'll kill her off so we can write in that they were actually triplets and the third sister is basically the girl version of the male Wondertwin with no particular purpose in any storyline except to be a lazy escape for writers (and Claire and Noah! I write this post with as much contempt as I could possibly have for a show. I know anyone who reads this will just ask, "Well, why didn't he just stop watching?" The only answer I have is that I am a guy who likes to see where things end up... even if the show gets bad, I want to know the rest of the story. Once I start, I'm hooked. I'm also eternally optimistic. Even when things go south for a while, I hope that they'll get corrected... especially in a TV show that has the possiblities HEROES did.... because there's just no way that someone could be that horrible as a showrunner.... In the case of HEROES, I was dead wrong. Oh, I'll watch the next season if it happens because my special ability is to be a dumb ass optimist... and I still hope that someone will come in and give me something enjoyable and maybe even makes sense to watch, to finish up a series that developed a lot of characters that I really, really liked when it started out. Please, if you're out there douche bag Parkman, trap Tim Kring and the rest of his compatriots inside of their own minds where they can live with their crappy ideas for the rest of time. Thanks for listening


Last season made me feel that in order to keep Heroes "original" they tried to avoid some naturally logical scenes i.e. a great battle of our Heroes vs Samuel's. Possibly in part just to keep a cheap budget. It is ok to repeat classical story-lines!! As long as they make sense in the context. Don't avoid them if they are the most reasonable logical consequence! I mean George Lucas didn't invent the hero's journey with Luke Skywalker, just borrowed from mythology and gave it his touch! There are pieces that I loved from season 4. Hiro's judment, Sylar's redemption, Clearly this shows the genius of the individual writers, but teamwork among them has to improve. If they can't agree, well, possibly one writer will do a more cohesive, job than 3 assembling a Frankenstein kind of series.


Now since Sylar again did his 180 into turning into a Good guy they might as well keep it. Not worth turning over to the dark side again because they would just be retarded. Yes I agree the writing needs to approve, the administration needs to change, the producer should not be KRING. They should pass this show on to either Joss Whedon (Buffy/Angel creator) or JJ. Abrahms (LOST) but they really need to look ahead at the whole volume and not just week by week. Man the staff that did season 1 please make your way back.


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