Jesse Williams Previews Grey's Anatomy Romance, Family Drama

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New Grey's Anatomy star Jesse Williams (Dr. Jackson Avery) has made quite an impression on fans this season already, and we have only begun to explore his character.

With his good looks and charm, it was really just a matter of time before the Mercy West transplant got some lovin’ on Grey's Anatomy. The only question is, who with?

Grey’s is getting a little crazy,” he told TV Guide Sunday. “I think there’s going to be a lot of changes for my character. Jackson Avery has a lot of big things happening.”

And yes, that means romance.

“There’s a lot of relationship changes. Within the group,” he teases. Asked if sparks fly between he and a fellow Mercy Wester or Seattle Grace original, he played it coy.

“Well, because it might be one of both,” says Williams. “Jackson ... he’s a man.”

Dr. Avery Pic

Indeed. What he does give up is that a relationship with Sandra Oh's Cristina Yang, which was hinted at in a previous episode when he made a move, is not in the cards:

“I think Cristina is giving him a lot of flack, so you can only bang your head against a wall for so long ... I think he’ll wise up and try to get some attention elsewhere.”

We'll also get a glimpse of Jackson's background. On one of the upcoming Grey's Anatomy episodes this spring, the show will introduce Jackson’s ailing grandpa, Harper Avery.

Chelcie Ross, a.k.a. the guy who taunted Mad Men’s Don Draper as Connie Hilton, will play Harper, the namesake of the Avery Award bestowed on Meredith’s mom, Ellis.

This will help form a bond between Jackson and Meredith Grey - but does it play into some fans' theory that young Dr. Avery is a secret love child of Ellis and the Chief?

“It’s not relevant,” says executive producer Betsy Beers, and “not on anyone’s brain.”

Still, we look forward to seeing these events play out in the coming weeks.

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I want the christina, jackson hook up... They r a beta couple dan her n owen.... Owen n teddy seem to fit in just right........

Call me meredith

omg... for the strangest reason i would LOOVEEE Jackson to be Meredith's half brother, it would make the show sooo interesting and it might help Richard with his drinking knowing he DOES have a child :O


I hope that Jackson is the love child of Richard and Ellis. I would be happy if he is Meredith's half-brother.


If KH is due back end of Feb wow what a mega amount of episodes she's missing. But I got the impression they got around Ellen's maternity leave by back tracking some of the filming so they could include her in all of the episodes. I think the writers are easing Avery into GA by getting him friendly with Mer. It serves a purpose of replacing a male doc and helping the fans be kinder to the MWers


It has to be Lexie. You know the picture of Lexie and Jackson when Lexie's a blond? There like staring lovingly into each others eyes! And remember Arizona's suprise party? Jackson kept hitting on her. Its so going to be them. Idk how i'm going to like this. I just hope Mark suffers, cause he is being such an ass. He deserves what he gets!


soso- how is KH going to be back in 6.19 .It take 7-10 days to film an episode .They are filming epi 18 now and she is not due back on set until the end of February .It will be 21 -22 before we see her back .If he knows he is getting some action its either been from the readthrough or from filming .So no Jackson and Izzie Don't buy Teddy and Jackson at all. KR was brought on for the latest triangle of doom and its nowhere near finished (unfortunately) Having him with Lexie and friends with Mer ties him with the others more


I hadn't thought the Avery would be anything to do with the Harper Avery award. They are getting Mer to reach out for a new allie in
the MW group, and Avery is being groomed as the most likeable in looks and manner. I think Avery was a liitle drunk when he kissed Cris, he acted on an impulse. Avery is mocking Cris a little too cos he knows she joined in the kissing too. Don't forget, there is potentially another 'single' woman coming back iinto the mix around episode 19(I read a tweet that they were filming ep18 recently). Izzie is due back around ep19 cos KH should be back filming anytime now. I only say this coslex is still so distracted about Mark. Ted will be working with Avery soon, but he'd be a toy boy and somehow I just can't see romantic sparks flying with Ted. But there again, Ga seems to employ ONS an awful lot as a plot device


Kate, it may be you've probably guessed correctly. PD is setting up a project with his wife. I think its a comedy programme pilot based in a beauty salon. PD is looking to produce it with his wife. If this is true it's not good for GA. But PD has to stick to his contact for another year, hopefully. Although TR leaving and possbly KH on her way out too, I really hope these problems are resolved. No Der in GA would be dreadul for my fav character, Mer


Just read the blind item you guys are referring to and I don't think is Grey's, everybody think is Grey's because of what happened in the past with IW and TRK


Did not see that one coming! Jackson Avery is the grandson of THE Harper Avery? Man if Grey's namesake had clout, imgaine what Avery has when the connection is revealed?

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