Jessica Szohr and Ed Westwick: Hitting a Rough Patch?

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Is there trouble in paradise for Gossip Girl co-stars and lovebirds Jessica Szohr and Ed Westwick? They're still together, but things are tense, a source says.

During a recent rough patch, Jessica’s been unable to hide her emotions on set, according to a crew member who's seen her in tears in her dressing room.

Making matters worse, Ed doesn’t seem concerned with her feelings.

On January 29, the actor and a male friend were seen entertaining two ladies at the Melrose Bar & Grill in LA - and Jessica Szohr was nowhere in sight.

“It looked like he was on a double date,” says an onlooker, and according to an eyewitness, Ed and a friend took off with two girls after dinner in LA.

Bear in mind this is according to In Touch Weekly. It could be exaggerated or plain untrue. Still, we pass it along to you because that's what we do ...

A Jessica and Ed Pic

Is it over for Gossip Girl's Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr? Is it just a rough patch they'll get through? Is any of this even true? All we can do is wait and see!

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The two woman he was with was Phoebe Tonkin and Claire Holt. Actress' from the TV Show H2O. The guy he was with is Rafi Gavron. He is Dating Claire Holt, so does this mean he was on a date with Phoebe?!?!


They are a cute couple.i hope aand pray the rumours aren't tru.




Hey Upper East Siders, E and J shouldn't be together, thats why paparazzi exists, they wil break up soon. When you love someone, you can replace... As Chris Martin didn't say, this lovebirds will be gone in a second. So.rry E and J, but you don't belong together. You know you love me. XOXO, Gossip Girl


i dont think its true cuz in ed and jassica twitter saying i love u and all that stuff and a girl told jess they broke and jassica was like no were still together oh and ed wrote on his twitter the lasttweet on earth to tell jassica i love her and jass wrote back aww the same too babe so its not true oh and theres anther proff ed and jess were holding hands on art heaven musiam just search ed westwick and jassica szohr 2010 ok good so stop rumores cuz i dont care about it but leave the cute lovebirds alone they love eachother she soo beautiful and u are so jealous of her cuz she dating the most sexy thing walking on earth and why should ed be with leihgton she has her own bf cuz she likes him and ed is with jassica deal with it ;)




@ ann Thanks so much for that link, I didn't knew about it. It is great, I love Jess in all that pictures, especially the ones from 6 February, it makes me think these rumors are not true...


I hope Ed is not such a jerk!!!! I like them together a lot!


just because they were seen making out doesn't mean things are allrite!
in fact it makes me even more suspicious.
People who are having probs tend to overact in the hope that others will think they are allrite, wasn't so hard for them to do that I think especially they are both actors!


i love jess she is gorgeous.and i do not think she is a bad happy that the roomers arent true.


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