Owen's PTSD to Return on Grey's Anatomy

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Dr. Owen Hunt's Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) reared its ugly head in frightening fashion last season when he began sleep-choking a stunned Cristina.

That wasn't the last we've seen of it. Yesterday, Kevin McKidd alluded to things from Owen's past coming up beyond Teddy that influence our favorite redhead.

Could a return of his condition be one of those things? According to Fancast, the upcoming episode "Suicide Is Painless" features his PTSD on full display again.

That late March / early April episode, named for the M*A*S*H theme song, is an Iraq War flashback episode, in which McKidd is said to be absolutely amazing.

Hey, Red

This new Owen story line sounds awesome, albeit scary.

In other news, it looks like fans of Mark and Lexie are in for disappointment if they're expecting a quick reconciliation of their beloved Mexie. It's not happening.

However, Mark will find his romantic attention "diverted by another female doctor" when the show returns with fresh episodes a week from Thursday (March 4).

Any thoughts on who that might be?

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no offence, but teddy and mark together wood be weird!! get chyler leigh off. she is kinda boring, get mark back to his player status (sorta)


I think Mark will be busy hooking up with the pharm. rep per the previews fot next week, so I think that is what he is up to before he is hooked up with Teddy. I don't think they will really go anywhere because he's still stuck on Lexie and she's still obsessed with Hunt. I'm hoping this will just be something to pass the time before Big Sloan and Little Grey reunite. Maybe bring the two of them to the realization that no matter how many sexual encounters they have with other people they still belong together.


I guess this is the same as some of the other comments but I LOVE LEXIE AND MARK! like I cried when they broke up. They were my favourite couple I just loved them! Honestly I dislike Teddy ever since last episode though I like her a bit better, but I wish she doesn't stay for good, and if she ends up with Mark I will FREAK OUT! I just don't like it. To be honest I don't like Mrk with anyone but Lexie. But Lexie and Jackson... that be hot... :) I'm just sad that Mexie is over. :(


I have concerns for the episode if its a sort of rerun of ep15 structure, with so much looking back again. Has anyone else noticed that some of the episodes have a lot of one character. Ep15 had so much Webber. Der of course was central to the inoperable tumour episode . So I guess the MASH type Owen/Teddy will have a lot of them. I hope we don't miss out on present day SGMWH that episode


Mark and Teddy, I would think.


I DON'T LIKE TEDDY. I WANT MEXIE!!!! BRING MEXIE BACK! otherwise, I think that Lexie and Jackson would look good together. Anything but Lexie and Karev! They don't look good together at all.


I am with Crowena I love Slexie but if they cant be together then Sloan and Teddy and Lexie with Jax. The only problem with the Lexie-Jax is that from what I read there may be some brotherly love as he might be Chief/Ellis love child.


NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I want Mark and Lexie back together!!!! No Mark and Teddy!!!! PUT MARK AND LEXIE BACK TOGETHER, OR I AM DONE!!!!


sorry for my english, I hate teddy is pathetic, and her nose, I hate her nose. moreover, workers of the hospitals have relationships with other people from the outside, this is... I don't have words in english, sorry If mark is going to sleep with some one in that hospital I'd like she was callie again


Shonda doesn't like that either...they go by the schedule that ABS sets, so its ABC's fault when we have reruns, not Greys. Im having a feeling it is going to be Izzie, or one of the random mercy westers...im thinking the teddy/christina/owen triangle has enough drama...

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