Owen's PTSD to Return on Grey's Anatomy

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Dr. Owen Hunt's Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) reared its ugly head in frightening fashion last season when he began sleep-choking a stunned Cristina.

That wasn't the last we've seen of it. Yesterday, Kevin McKidd alluded to things from Owen's past coming up beyond Teddy that influence our favorite redhead.

Could a return of his condition be one of those things? According to Fancast, the upcoming episode "Suicide Is Painless" features his PTSD on full display again.

That late March / early April episode, named for the M*A*S*H theme song, is an Iraq War flashback episode, in which McKidd is said to be absolutely amazing.

Hey, Red

This new Owen story line sounds awesome, albeit scary.

In other news, it looks like fans of Mark and Lexie are in for disappointment if they're expecting a quick reconciliation of their beloved Mexie. It's not happening.

However, Mark will find his romantic attention "diverted by another female doctor" when the show returns with fresh episodes a week from Thursday (March 4).

Any thoughts on who that might be?

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You know i really dont care who mark sleeps with (unless its callie then im pissed) but uhh im just REALLY IRRITATED about having to wait another week i feel like they keep doing this and its annoying haha i cant wait another week to watch i want to see it this thursday. stop making life hell for us GA fans


Hope it's Teddy and not... Izzy... since they are bringing her back.


Wait wait wait... Callie? No I don't think so. Their BFFS... with benefits before they coupled up with other people. LOL. It could be Callie but it's probably more than likely Teddy.


(I apologize! not very gracious of me: Justin Chambers, Chandra Wilson, James Pickens Jr.. etc are terrific! the storylines go through cycles of seriousness 'n not for each, so (flimsy attempt at an excuse for my stumble--))


(I look forward to more scenes about Owen's PTSD- McKidd and Oh's acting abilities and intensity make the show for me. Along with Ellen Pompeo's always appealing, winning characterization-)


I´d love to see a war flashback and PTSD! It´s such an important story and they should continue telling it. I agree it´s going to be Teddy with Mark. Finally she´ll move on!


Here the things speak about Mark and...,the triangle(Teddy/Cri/Owen) ,Karev's family,the Izzie's return and The MERDER ,NOTHING OF NOTHING .THE OUR COUPLE OF SEATTLE ended in top floor:(:(:(it's un


I love lexie and mark together they are my favourite couple.
I live in australia so where I'm up to lexie and mark are still together I'm cherishing their last episodes together


I don't think it is going to be Mark and Teddy. I think Callie sleeps with Mark again. And something happens between AZ and Teddy. That is just opinion. I might be wrong I hope I'm wrong. But JC did and interview and she said there was bumps in the road for the girls and they almost break up and then get back together.


Mark is loving that boring and pathetic as Teddy lol, lol,lol...At least lexie is fresh,smiling.The question is the same...the news entry must have a story and they must interact with the main characters ,if they must remain in the show...SHONDA did the caos and she must disentagle it...at least it not if goes out.

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