Patrick Dempsey is All Heart

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Many girls would love to have Derek Shepherd (McDreamy) as their Valentine.

However, the actor behind Grey’s Anatomy’s hottest doc, Patrick Dempsey, only has eyes for one. “Anytime the wind blows, it reminds me of her,” Patrick recalls to Reader’s Digest about the wood chimes wife Jillian Dempsey gave him.


The dad of three, gearing up for his soon-to-be-released film Valentine’s Day (in theaters February 12), opens up about his first kiss, what he loves in a woman, and his thoughts on some of the fanfare surrounding the Valentine’s Day holiday.

“I’ve never really believed in Valentine’s Day,” Patrick Dempsey, 44, admits. “You’re anxious about buying the right gift, but it’s really about your heart. The best Valentine’s Days are magical and spontaneous and just sort of unfold on their own.”

A Handsome Devil

Grey's Anatomy star Patrick Dempsey is all heart.

“A sense of humor, strength, and oh God, understanding,” are the three main things Patrick loves in a woman. And it's clear that only one woman has his heart.

Patrick and Jillian, have a daughter, Talula, 7, and 2-year-old sons Darby and Sullivan.

As for McDreamy’s first kiss? “My first kiss was behind the backstop of a baseball field.”

“I was in fifth or sixth grade and very nervous, intimidated, and unsure.”

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I was watching an Ellen Pompeo interview on YouTube and she was talking about Patrick Dempsey and she said "He cares so much about his wife and kids. If all those girls saw, they would melt." He really is as good as his character.


I don't think so, since ED's supposed love interest is Bradley Cooper, who is on the poster. I honestly don't know why ED isn't on the poster, but I think it's unfair to be the only one left out. Honestly, he should be there instead of Emma Roberts. PD looks GOOOOOOOOD in that poster.


for my miss spelling sorry, I meant to say But no Eric Dane, who I've heard isn't involved with a girl in this film. Is he less of a star, or is his storyline too controversial?


I saw the poster for the VD film yesterday. It's all boy/girl/boy/girl pics. But no Eric Dane, who I've heard isn't involved with a firl in this film. Is he less of a star, or is his storyline too controversial?


He really is the perfect man. I'm so jealous of his wife. And I agree with V'day being overrated. Can get very stressful.


Aww. How can anyone not love him? I'm with him on the V'Day attitude. It's so overrated anyway.


I don't think him as nervous and intimeted for the first his kiss...very enjoy this ,because he ìs as all.


" Anytime the wind blows, it reminds me of her " OMG.. He's just the perfect guy. He's so in love with his wife, it's beautiful.

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