Sometimes, Ed Westwick's Just Gotta Go

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Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick is either unaware of the gossip buzz he creates in real life or simply doesn't care. Because when the man's gotta go, he's gotta go!

“There was an outside area at the party and only two porta-potties,” an eyewitness at a recent party Ed attended said. You can likely see where this is going.

“When Ed saw the huge, long line, he said ‘f*** this,’ jumped over a wall and peed in a bush. You could see him standing there with his back to everyone.”

“Everyone was quite impressed with his balls,” the witness says ... probably not meaning that literally. “He was just standing there in front of everyone."

Everyone included True Blood stars Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer, along with Kate Bosworth, Ashley Olsen and other celebs. Hey, he's his own man!

E. Westwick Pic

Ed Westwick is gonna be Ed Westwick, no matter what!

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Why couldn't he just pee in a cup like a normal person?
He could have gotten a ticket. Doind stuff like this makes
him look mental and awaiting a future breakdown. Creepy and gross.


ok i love Chuck but this is just WEEEEEIRD


"“Everyone was quite impressed with his balls,� the witness says ... probably not meaning that literally." Oh my god, I'm still laughing.
First time I read the first part I was like OMFG WHAT? O_O XDDDDDD


@omg He doesn't look like a Chav, and from what I know Stevanage is a posh borough.


@omg he's very sexually attractive, if there's a lot of guys like that in England, I'll move there lol


I love Ed for being so down to earth even thou...there were a lot of people there and it wasn't nice to do that. :P


:)) this is so funny! I love E


I understand the Chuck attraction but why are the fan girls swooning over Ed Westwick--guys like him are a dime-a-dozen in the UK. He's a chav.


ahaahahahahahaha x'D
You've got to love the silly things he does x'D


That's exactly what I would have done. In fact, that's exactly what I did yesterday, right before I got arrested for public urination. Unfortunately, claiming I was Chuck Bass didn't help, as apparently, the real Chuck Bass had just recently been spotted marking his territory. :-)


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