What Did You Think of the Heroes Season Finale?

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It was brutal for some, and entertaining for others.

But no matter what you thought of the fourth season of Heroes, this much is true: it's over.

As always, we'll recap and review the episode after it airs, hopefully to a great deal of lively debate among fans.

For now, we encourage you to visit our Heroes forum and discuss "Brave New World." Also, sound off below: What did you think of the hour?

HRG in Danger

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wow what a painfully boring episode. we were given false hope that the episode finale was going to be heart stopping, well it was heart stopping in a way that after watching it, it almost stopped of boredom and shear disappointment. after all of HRGs efforts Claire still reveals all the heroes/specials, what was the use of that? and wow we had a whole 6 min fight of pushing dirt. if Samuel's powers are derived from other specials, then why did they go even though Sylar and peter, 2 of the most powerful heroes were there? oh Claire and Doyle to. i would have loved to have seen more of a fight, Samuel to live up to his expectations, part carnival specials vs the heroes. If it really was the final then maybe show the future, peter and the others restarting the company to help others like them understand their powers and start their life's amongst normals, Mat's kid grown up etc


Plot Holes. How come Samuel was able to destroy his old home in New York City, when he was there by himself? He again went to a Texas town in the middle of the season, all by himself, and destroyed the Sheriff's office. Yet in the finale he loses all his power, because the carnies leave him. Even though Sylar, Doyle and Peter, not to mention other heroes were still near Samuel. So why was he completely a whimp and powerless. Also the online graphic novel has a different ending. It seems the writers are all over the place.


what was the point in that finale? lets recap...claire jumped off a fairest wheel!? all she did was what samuel wanted to do to show themselves to the world jus without killing anyone! and please xplain to me why nobody stopped her like hiro or sylar or peter!? the fight with peter n samuel was terrible!! no one even got hurt there! ive been waiting for so long to watch the ultimate showdown syalr vs peter there were a few chances when that couldve happend like when sylar shap shifted into nathan! but now sylar is good? sylar doesnt go good hes the best bad guy there is!


YoBuddy - I'm sorry but I have to point out your strange use of homonyms in your post - you were clearly trying to use the word "too", and you did so correctly the first time. Then you changed it to "two" and "to". Again, I don't mean to nitpick. Just couldn't help but to notice.
As an avid X-Men fan and loyal Heroes fan, I tuned in every week to watch, hoping that the show would give me a real reason to watch. Instead, I walked away from each episode feeling let down. I only continued to watch because I hopelessly wanted it to be good. There's so much potential for a show like this. It's just being squandered. As much as I loved the show when it first aired, I couldn't care less if it gets renewed or not. I'm sad to admit that.


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they need to stop palying with the bad guys been good or the good guys been bad. that wack get a real bad ass.


is parkman gonna be the next bad guy?


The show has been going down the crapper for too long..Two many deaths and way to much claire!! Bring back all the villians!!


Indifferent. Too many holes. Still no Caitlin explanation...still no Earth splitting in half (I thought that was Samuels role), no Mohinder closure, No Haitian closure, no Mama Petrelli closure, No Parkman/wife/baby Parkman closure, No Hiro & Ando showdown, and no Future Hiro or Future Peter...NO CLOSURE AT ALL. All I can say is that they should take a cue from Prison Break and end the show properly or that they should go the X-Files route and have a theatrical movie to close the story out properly for those of us who have been loyal fans since day 1.


I liked it, i see nothing wrong with walking away, sometimes that sends the better message, you know , be the bigger man. Kinda like the merchant of venice. I really hope for another season. Heroes has many fans outside the US. In a recent trip to Peru I noticed that. It wouldn't be fair to them. Anyways they are not as picky and judgemental, they just sit back and enjoy the ride. I don't see what everyone here makes a fuss about.


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