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The following 24 review takes place from 6:53 a.m-7:08 a.m. Words are written in real time...

This week’s episode of 24 promised “a twist that will change everything,” and while we were hoping that would mean NBC would swoop in at the end to save Jack and New York from certain destruction, the episode’s actual ending was much, much better.

The 3 a.m. hour offered the first solid show of the season.

During the Bronze Age, the Greeks used the famed Trojan Horse to sneak their soldiers into the city of Troy. In 1999, Tim Robbins used paranoia to trick recent Best Actor winner Jeff Bridges into driving a bomb into the FBI’s headquarters.

And in last night’s 24, Samir and Tarin used a kidnapped first daughter to render CTU completely useless. If we overlook the obvious flaw of how a ragtag band of terrorists managed to get an EMP in the first place (What is this, Ocean’s 15?), this plot development was actually pretty terrific.

A Tough Geek

We knew eventually that the terrorists would get the nuclear rods into Manhattan; we just figured it would be the old 24 mainstay of having a mole or two inside CTU.

Instead, the show had CTU, and us, believing that Tarin had sacrificed himself for his beloved and that Kayla was racing toward safety and then threw in a terrific twist of having Kayla’s car be the vehicle used to destroy CTU.

And with an EMP instead of a bomb, we didn’t have to lose any of our favorite characters (sorry, CTU parking guard) in the process. This was a well-done plot development and should really help drive the nuclear rods in Manhattan storyline.

One storyline that should be driven into the ground is the Dana/Jenny ridiculousness. Yes, she helped Kevin and Nick rob a police warehouse and assault a cop. And yes, she helped kill both of those lowlifes. And yes, Prady has every right to search for them.

But at 3 a.m.? And during a terrorist attack? Surely this could wait, even if Prady knows Dana isn’t telling him the whole story. This plotline should be completed the next day, or the next week, sparing us viewers any more of its ridiculousness.

A few quick questions:

  • Samir’s men had a hideout in an abandoned bank vault. This, coming ten minutes after their previous hideout – an abandoned warehouse – was raided by CTU. Where are these unlimited hideouts coming from? Will they be in an old abandonded amusement park next? Will Jack need Scooby and the gang to help find the nuclear rods?
  • Samir not only has the nuclear rods and an EMP, but also, judging by his own men and the men seen in the background at his weapon specialist’s hideout (note: yet another hideout), a small army working for him. Wouldn’t these resources be put to better use inside the IRK instead of Manhattan? Just a thought, Samir.
  • Was it any surprise that the NYPD was able to set up its perimeter long before CTU was even on the ground? Maybe the wrong organization is looking after our safety. However, notice that yet another perimeter was breached. We would love to watch just one episode with Bobby Knight and listen to him go off on the lax perimeter defense the good guys have displayed thus far.


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I've been watching 24 since it was created, and this episode was perhaps the most outrageous except for the "terrorists occupy the white house" episode. The IRK President's daughter tells her mother (and thus agents) where she is. Have any of these writers ever even BEEN to New York? Its take about 30 minutes for one inept team to show up. In the REAL NYC, 100 cops would have surrounded that hotel in less than 2 minutes. There is NO way they could escape the hotel, let alone run into only 2 guards outside. And for some reason in the 24 version of NYC, there are no people on the streets. Not ONE pedestrian is seen walking the streets. At 3am in NYC, there are people outside. There are ALWAYS people outside, hence "The City that Never Sleeps." This was perhaps one of the most ridiculous sequences I have ever seen. Further more, Tarin is somehow able to kill 5 fully armored SWAT officers with nothing more than a 9mm hand gun. This was ridiculous. If he had a .50 caliber armor piercing rifle, sure, he would have killed them. But a freakin pistol? Now, I know its a TV and it's fiction, and the viewers must suspend their disbelief in some capacity (like when Jack gets stabbed, pulls the knife out and throws it at the guy [yeah, ok]), but at least thats awesome. Even the fact the show was filmed in L.A. and they are trying to pass it off as NYC, i can understand that. But their representation of NYC is the furthest thing from reality I have ever seen. The daughter is somehow able to drive straight to CTU (which, from all guesses is located outside of Manhattan). She was down near the Delancey Underpass (a tunnel which does not exist by the way), and is somehow able to go north to (presumably) the Queens Midtown tunnel, and drive all the way there in under 10 minutes. Umm, again, have these writers ever even BEEN to New York? Also, how did the terrorists know that she would get to CTU with 15 seconds to spare? (one could argue the timer was initiated when she got out of the car, but they should at least explain this). Are the terrorists somehow able to predict the ebb and flow of Manhattan traffic? Even if it is 3 in the morning, there are still plenty of cars/taxi's out at this time. And how did Bubba know this was an EMP from simply looking at it for 3 seconds (but I don't really take issue with that). And finally, when the daughter (kyla i think) was in the hotel bathroom she tried to open the window. Hotel windows do NOT open like this in NYC, because they do not want people jumping or throwing things out of the window. 24 has been declining each season over the past few years, but as a loyal fan from the beginning I continue to watch. Hopefully with the EMP CTU's role in the show will be greatly reduced. As far as I'm concerned, that whole Dana Walsh (Jenny Scott) storyline is nothing but filler. Get Milton (have you seen my stapler?) outta here!. Arlo and Chloe should be the only CTU personnel they ever give screen time too, with an occasional showing from Bubba. At least now there's a chance we get to see some vintage Bauer a$$ whoopin with Freddie P.

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