90210 Caption Contest: It's Back!

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Thank you to everyone that participated in the return edition of the 90210 Caption Contest.

We received enough submissions to make this a weekly feature. Just make sure to keep the entries coming.. as well as witty and hilarious.

The reader that most exemplified these traits for this installment goes by the name "alohapips." He/she submitted the caption below the photo. Thanks to all that played and remember to do so every week!


Gia: You look so gay.
Adriana: What?
Gia: You look so happy.

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Gia (thinking to self): Oh, Baby! What I could do to you...just using my tongue and mouth!!


Gia (thinking to her self): I hunger for you no drama Adrianna


Gia: "Maybe if i keep staring ill make her a lesbian..." Adrianna: "maybe if i keep smiling like this, she'll think im a freak.."


Gia : Gosh ! She can't be real...I gotta touch her to check !


I love matt's!


Gia:*thinking to herself*Why is she smiling like that?


A: is she still looking at me?
a other friend : yeah
A: omg
G: hey
A: ooh hey


Ade; hay vampira say it with me SUNLIGHT you live in Beverly Hills for god sake
Gia ; well at least i dont have horse teeth
Ade ;is that suposed to be an insult or something HaHa Gia


ADE ; HAHA you look so pale in this light look how tanned i am and how whight my teeth are ha
GIA ; well now thats just mean


Ade: you know what
Gia: What
Ade: you look just like rumer willis

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