90210 First Look: Girl on Girl Action!

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When 90210 returns with new episodes next week, the show will turn up the sexual dial a few notches.

This much is evident by Naomi's trenchcoat-dropping seduction of Liam, as depicted in a video preview of what's to come.

It's also made ciear in the photo below, which is your first look at the relationship between Adrianna and Gia. These two gals will start up a romance, sparked by a mutual need for AA, almost as soon as 90210 hits the air again.

Girls Kissing!

“Adrianna and Gia share a special bond,” Jesscia Lowndes tells People magazine. “My character starts questioning whether or not sexuality is measured on a spectrum, if it’s black and white or if it comes down to who you connect with and who you are compatible with. I’m excited as an actress to tell the story.”

Adrianna will test her boundadies in another way, as well:

She'll try out to be the lead singer of The Glorious Steinems, and all-girl band at West Beverly. We can't wait.

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Generally, speaking Ade should be attending Narcartics Annoymous but, most drug addicts do attend Acoholics Annoymous also and she will need at least one sponsor, and I doubt it'll be Gia....no matter how the "relationship" pans out. It's to be somebody who has a sponsor of their own and has being to "enough" (every day and/or night for at least one full year) meetings and isn't "personally" involved, that being said Ade/Gia need to not be in a relationship-at least not a "physical/sexual" relationship until they both have (you slip, even once, and it's right back to square one/day one of being clean/sober) a sponsor, whom they have inmense trust and established "routine" with all the nervous jitters out of the way with their sponsors....and SIX SOLID MONTHS of soberity and drug-free and fell like they've come to terms about their addiction and recovery and are stable in said acknowledgement, no I am not an addict of any kind, I just know how "meetings" go and the 12 steps............which btw is good to know regardless, it helps everyone.


when did Ade start having feelings for girls...no where in the whole season did they show that she could have interest in the same sex..this just seem a little forced to me..and why would she have such a big fit about sipping a lil alcohol..was she an alcoholic too??? what gives ppl?


Jeremy what do you mean by IF....I just told you, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"! AKA-Gia is probably beautiful to Adriana!!


If AT LEAST Gia was hot


Yvette and Matt for such positive POVs about the show; well to everyone else saying "ew" and "i am tired of GLBT-PFLAG frak being thrown in my face"...as a lesbian I do ship hetro-couples (aka-Dixon/Silver) but there are always an infinite more times hetro-relationships being forced into mine and the rest of the GLBT-PFLAG faces, so we want one or two repesentations to be positive and enlightening to show our community right and deserving EQUAL rights and protecting underneath the law for ALL LEGAL American Citizens...is that really too much to ask.
FYI: To the people who are "bashing" Gia and the actress who protrays her...WTF is wrong with you...some people might think you're ugly, also...but you're "mate" probably thinks you're so frakking hot...so, WHAT IS SO WRONG WITH THE WHOLE "BEAUTY IS IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER!"? Besides, I am hoping this will be the strongest relationship on the show.


one word: EWW
that gia-thing is simply ugly;D i want a hot lesbian couple:)
remember marissa and alex on theOC that was AWESOME..
but ade and gia? don´t want to see this -.-


I'm utterly grossed out by this story and kiss. Yuck. Rumer...gross. I'd much, much rather see two of the cuter guys gettin' it on.


About time some1 exploring their sexuality at BHills as obviously it happens. I'm glad it Adrianna as she's a hottie and one of the more interesting/adventurous characters on the show. I know lot of girls who had tons of boyfriends and turned out gay/bi/try sexual and I think there are not enough gay characters on that show teens/young adults figuring out their sexuality in a very sexual flexible way even though many people most gay and str8 take that path while others are simply wired knowing what they want or simply are open to either. Odds are more people actually experiment then not if you ask me and definitely more then admit to.


who gives a shit if they do a story line about gay people understandable in the hick towns your both probably from forbid such an act. However across the most of the world its chill.


I just don't understand why they must turn EVERYONE into a lesbian/gay these days. it's WAAY overplayed. done by desperate housewives, gossip girl, brothers and sisters, ENOUGH ALREADY! I'm all for acceptance but I'm so tired of these redundant gay story lines!

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.