Ali Fedotowsky to Star as The Next Bachelorette

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Last night after The Bachelor finale, this season's Ali Fedotowsky was announced as the next star of The Bachelorette on the "After the Final Rose" filler reunion special.

Ali became a fan favorite on The Bachelor and even made Jake's topĀ  four, but left of her own volition following their successful "hometown date" in Williamstown, Mass.

She said she was worried about getting fired from her job and left. Then just a week later, she asked to return but Jake Pavelka wasn't having it. She was heartbroken.

Looks like Ali Fedotowsky got over it, though, as she ultimately quit for an even better reality TV role. Perhaps she coveted or was offered The Bachelorette all along ...

Ali Fedotowsky Picture

As The Bachelorette, Ali Fedotowsky gets a second chance at staged TV love.

"I'm flattered and I really feel great," she told Chris Harrison. "I am so thrilled and honored and grateful. I can't believe it. I'm not going to let fear dictate my life anymore."

Because it was fear, not ABC producers, who dictated her decision-making. Whatever you say, Ali. Not that we have a problem with the casting, we think she'll be awesome.

After all, the 25-year-old is cute, successful and charming. Tenley Molzahn also would have been a good choice after Jake somehow chose Vienna Girardi last night, but alas.

What do you think? Are you excited for Ali to get her own crack at calling the rose distributing shots? Or do you think the long-running "reality" franchise needs new blood?

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Hellooooo! She was able to quit this time because ABC is paying her a sweet 6-figure amount. I'd be thrilled as peaches if I were getting paid a handsome sum to go out on amazing romanitc dates and kiss 25 hot guys. I think that she'll be a great Bachelorette and hope that she finds "the one" that she's looking for, someone far more suited for her than Jake.


Rock on, Ali! You can find a better man that that idiot Jake who chose a wild ride in the hay over real love. No way will that relationship last.


I love Ali. She will make a great bachelorette. I can't wait and for all of you who say she is mean and stuck-up, I stand up for her. Leaving for her job was smart. Anyone who was going to pick Vienna is not thee guy for such a great person.


i like her i cant wait for the next season :p


should have picked Gia or Tenley...much better choices. I won't be watching Ali.


Ali is a bad choice. She set herself up to become the bachelorette. She couldn't quit her job for Jake(unless he gave her the quaranee she would be picked(very unfair of her to put him in that position) But, now she can quit her job to become the bachelorette. She loves the limelight and wants to be in it. I think everyone should quit picking on Vienna and take a better look at this one.




I think this whole thing STINKS. Ali totally set this up for herself. She couldn't quit for Jake (ie. she wasn't GUARANTEED the spotlight) but she can quit now, no problem. I think she is a fake and good luck to any guy who she chooses.