The Bachelor Review: Jake Makes His Choice

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The season finale of The Bachelor saw Jake Pavelka get engaged to a woman.

It also saw the pilot break another woman's heart the very same day.

And the new star of this summer's The Bachelorette was announced.

And someone from the show joined the Dancing with the Stars cast.

If you require a rundown of what was almost completely filler, here's our full season finale recap. To avoid spoilers, we've posted our brief review after the jump ...

Pickin' Out a Ring

Who did Jake Pavelka pick last night?

Did Jake pick Ms. Perfect, Tenley Molzahn, or the show's pariah all season long, Vienna Girardi? Fans' hopes were mostly pinned on one girl, but did she pull through? Let's see ...

Nope, he picked Vienna Girardi.

Tenley had a good run, but the spark just wasn't there. Vienna makes him think dirty thoughts and they can't keep their hands off each other. So there you have it, everyone.

Both girls met the families and made their final push for his affections, but it was a foregone conclusion, let's be honest. Tenley is a Disney character and Jake's BFF. That's it.

They had romantic dates together, and clearly Jake had feelings for both, but despite his family's obvious preference, and that of America, he settled on the girl no one likes.

This is too bad, because she is clearly much more mature than Vienna, and seems like she would make a superior wife in every conceivable way. But hey, that's Jake for you.

Jake and Vienna

Will Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi last?

They may last and they may not, but for now, Jake and Vienna are not only together and happy, but they are engaged. She is moving to Dallas immediately. So there, haters!

It's his renegade nature that makes Jake a natural for Dancing with the Stars. Yes, really, Pavelka himself has joined the cast of the reality TV dance competition this season.

ABC is taking this cross-promotion thing to new heights. Will they just admit one day that this is all about ratings, editing, marketing and PR? Oh, did we leave out love? Sorry.

Meanwhile, to the surprise of no one, Ali Fedotowsky will become the new star of The Bachelorette. Man, this show is just a factory for cranking out stars of other ABC shows.

Did Jake make the right choice? Will Ali be a good star of The Bachelorette? Will you watch Jake on Dancing with the Stars this coming season? Share your comments below.


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