An Exclusive Interview with 90210 Star Trevor Donovan

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We've had the pleasure of interviewing 90210 new comer, Trevor Donovan, for a second time.  Donovan, of course, plays Teddy, the player gone monogamist with Silver.

Donovan gave us a preview of what we can expect with his character in future episodes and what to expect from the highly-anticipated season finale.  We thank Trevor Donovan for his time and enjoy the excerpt below:

TV Fanatic: What has the transition from soap opera to primetime been like?
Trevor Donovan: Well it's been fantastic.  I'm loving working on the show.  It's easier, to tell you the truth.  On a soap opera you're shooting an entire episode every day and this takes a good week so you have more time to work on scenes and stuff.  It's been great.

Teddy Montgomery

TV Fanatic: 90210 took a long hiatus before returning in March. Was there any fear this would halt momentum or cause the show to lose viewers?
Yeah, there was a little bit of concern.  The network knew what they were doing.  There were a lot of time the other shows on different networks at the same timeslot, so we weren't fighting for ratings.  a little bit of concern, i think it worked out just fine.  it brought all the viewers that might have missed prior episodes up to speed.  and now we're up and running.

TV Fanatic: Talk about Teddy. When he first came aboard, he was an arrogant jerk, but we've seen more layers of him little by little. Will we be learning more about the character?
My father comes into picture, not only does that bring in another storyline, but you'll definitely see a different side of my character.

TV Fanatic: Can you tell us a little more about your father?
He's played by Ryan O'Neil.  He's an Oscar Award-winning actor and comes into the picture and he puts his career first.  That brings a lot of tension between him and I and Silver and me.

TV Fanatic: The show made an effort to unite Teddy, Dixon, Liam and Navid as friends. What's the chemistry like between you and the actors that play those roles?
It's great.  i kid you not, these guys are so cool.  it was a little intimidating working with an ensembled cast who's been working together for a year.  They were so welcoming, and helpful.  They're all really good people.

TV Fanatic: What can you tell us about working with my personal crush, Jessica Stroup?
Haha.  You and I both.  She's wonderful.  Not only a great actress, such a sweetheart.  When we first started, we weren't really fond of each.  With the development of our relationship on camera, there's been a development of friendship off camera.  That progression has happened very organically on and off camera.

TV Fanatic: Let's talk about relationship with Silver, what can we see going forward?
With the introduction of my father, there's a lot a added tension and stress.   But we're working on it.

TV Fanatic: Can you reveal any spoilers about the season finale?
I'm sure you've heard from the other cast members, it's going to be shocking.  I don't want to give to much away.  There's this question of who hit the homeless guy and how it all went down.  there's gonna be answers, but it's going to be shocking. Anna Lynne is the main storyline with a shocking twist.  Definitely gonna be worth tuning into.

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Thanks for spilling the secrets Trevor. LOL Hotty


I wasn't a huge fan of the actor or Teddy at first, but I really do hope Teddy sticks around. I think he's a nice addition to the show, and as much as I hate to say it, so is Ivy.


I agree with Wendy and disagree with Mizi, Teddy needs to stay, he's less than 1 year older than Navid so the old argument is getting old. He's obviously liked, he got picked by OP and he was just a guest star. But most of all the show needs a real man, Dixon can't be the only one, and Navid is the comic relief. Liam is as bland as they come. Nate from GG has more life in the eyes more personality and thats saying a lot. Teddy has a personality and Silver is herself around him. Liam and Naomi are dead, no chemistry I actually felt sorry for Anna Lynn having to fake her interest in him, luckily she's a good actress, but i'm sure it was hard. I care about Teddy and Silver for me they are the best part of the show.


totally agreed with Mizi ! teddy and silver suck as a couple they don't have any chemistry and that guy is so old to play a teenager and I really hate when writers try to make a character like the " perfect guy" sorry but is totally useless and really boring !
guys sriously that guy have any SL he's just date with Erin (yes I can't call her Silver bc she's not the Silver from S1 actually I think since she's with granpa she's really boring)
Teddy will should go we really don't care about him!
and bring back SIXON for S3 they was way better


I would very much like to meet him


WTF I loved him on days of our lives. I want to have sex with him many times :-)


Season 1 was Navid Season 2 Teddy and Navid double my pleasure :-)


I am hoping Teddy and Silver last for a while they are fun


Navid is not going to date annie & Teddy is very hot and very nice and I love him


i dont want him in this show teddy is so lame well if he was with someone then i said ok no prob but hes with my sweetheart silver thts y i hate him
love SIXON
navid is the only guy who is watchable... and i saw the dream that hes going to date with annie and naomi... double date cheat

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.