Derek-Richard Tensions to Continue on Grey's Anatomy

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Looks like the tensions between Derek and Richard on Grey's Anatomy, which have escalated weekly since the Season 6 premiere, aren't going away anytime soon.

In next week's Chandra Wilson-directed episode, tensions between the former chief and the current chief continue to boil when a specialized surgery is required.

The latter decides Owen is better suited for it than Richard.

That doesn't sit well with Dr. Webber, who was basically ousted when Derek revealed his alcohol abuse to the board, and forced to swallow a whole lot of pride.

Things had been frosty between them long before that, too. Richard's handling of the merger and his own role as Chief caused major friction between the pair.

Chiefly Richard
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How will this clash of the surgical titans end?

Also on next week's episode, entitled "Push," Bailey will nervously head on another date with anesthesiologist Ben. Follow this link to check out a hot picture of their first kiss!

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I am and have had a hard time with this storyline since it began. Derek saved the Chief's career in S1 with the delicate eye operation. At the end of S2 the Chief and Derek get closer when Burke is shot - what a wonderful scene they had together in an office hiding out. In Season 3 or 4 there is another wonderful season of them bonding when Derek helps the Chief sew a button on his sleeve. In S4 or 5, Derek invites the Chief to live on his land and they spend so much time together. There are some wonderful scenes of the two of them from S5 when Derek kills the the pregnant patient and has a meltdown And these are just scenes that are coming off the top of my head as I am typing this. I am sure that are so many more scenes establishing that the relationship between these two are better than what have been lead to believe recently. Seriously,the Chief has been sober for 17 years before he slipped, I know too many people in 12 step programs that would have been grateful for someone like Derek to do intervene the way Derek did. The Chief is lucky he still has his medical license.


I think the rivalry between Der and Webber are only natural. Something changed in Der this season when he became dissatisfied with the way the hospital was failing to rise up the rankings etc. He'd had the opportunity twice to be the chief, and had put loyalty to Webber first. But the webber's drinking could have had real reprucussions for SGH, it was too big a secret not to come out eventually. Bailey knew there was something up, but was surprised that Webber declared his alcoholism to her. Sulking in the office after being given his options wasn't the chief Webber we've seen being a wise man. Just cos he's done rehab, doesn't mean that Webber is all cured. He's always going to be an alcoholic, who is on a permanent road to recovery. The storyline has to run throughout the remaining GA episodes. Der's woods depression, guilt, and self pity using alcohol was temporary. Webber's alcoholism has been in his life for twenty plus years.


I 'm agreed both with ana that with anuflas.I think that to the end ,Derek takes again his pisition as Chief of Neurologic surgery and wEBBER replaces his job as it was before.Now,the true that all two use Meredith ,but Meredith does a choice as she said in the 6x14 episode,she choices Derek ,because Derek her hasbund,friend and more...the chief ,can be her father but he has not been ,her mentor but in the moment in which she reserves ,he wasn't because he's drinking...Without dubt our chief made a mistake but they made a mistake for good .AS all the mistakes ,it's impossible to aknowledge its, when you think that you is made it's right,so you continue to fight...Perhaps we'll see to take on again Izzie as April


To me Derek going to the woods and coming back is the same to Richard's at least in temrs of trust. Richard didn't know for sure that Derek wasn't going to lose it if he lost a patient again. Yes Richard drinking in the job is wrong and yes he put one patient life in danger and then he stop cutting, we should give Richard that at least. As for Derek blackmailing Meredith emotionally this time it was with bringing back Izzie, but this is not the first time he does it. Derek did it season 4 and 3 and we never saw him apolagizing for doing it, so it bother me that he did it this time too, because I thought he knew better.


ana114, I always took the Derek/Richard situation differently due to the context of the situation. I do take the alcoholism factor a little more seriously than loyalties and trust. If alcohol wasn't involved in the current fiasco, I'd surely be on Richard's side, because it'd truly show Derek's colors. I'm not sure if Derek was rewarded. In the V'Day episode, he started to show hints of missing surgery. Can't say really if being Chief is good or bad for him. About Izzie, that's Mer's choice of what to do or say to him. Richard dug his own grave by taking the first drink again. The fact that the Board or Derek don't trust him anymore, he should've seen it coming. He was fully aware, given that this is his relapse, of what could've happened. The fact that he was still Chief tells me he escaped the current situation he's in the first time around. Right now, Derek is liable for anything that Richard does, so he may be more cautious than Richard was when Derek came back from the woods. Derek didn't have an alcohol problem that can cloud his judgment, Richard does. But my original point was that Richard shouldn't have to sink to Derek's level of playing dirty to teach him a lesson. That'd make Richard no better than Derek, just his equal and we all know they aren't. I was excited about this SL but I was expecting the same. Derek missing surgery but maybe this episode is finally giving that. I'm liking it so far.


Anyway I just irritated by this whole storyline, is turning out not like I expected it. I was expecting Derek to be miserable doing this job,since he loves surgery so much, he doesn't look miserable, he looks quite happy doing it.


anuflas When Derek didn't want to come back and was feeling that he couldn't do it anymore it is very much like Richard is feeling right now. The reasons are different but the feelings are the same. Richard is coming back from the bottom, just like Derek was after the woods and he needs people to believe in him, and Derek not giving Richard surgeries is sending Richard the message that Derek doesn't believe in him. It basically telling Richard that Derek doesn't believe in his recovery. So Derek is not repaying Richard's trust in him. Derek lost it too in the OR, he actually killed someone. True Derek wasn't drinking when he went scalpel crazy but he lost it too, just like Richard, the only different was that Derek was not drinking and Richard was drinking. They both lost it and they both gave up too. So to me Derek not trusting Richard in the OR is unfair, because Richard had every reason not to trust Derek in the OR after going to the woods and yet he did trust him. As for Derek being solely punish for using Izzie with Mer, well I think he hasn't been punish for that, he has been rewarded, instead. Richard has been punish for manipulating Meredith, he lost his job as chief, and the board doesn't trust him and for a man like Richard that is a huge punishment. This just how I see things. :-)


You people are beating up on Derek for going to the board but Bailey went to him and said something had to be done. He was the only one willing to step up. Yes, this meant that he would be Chief but he also saw that he had a responsibility. The Board would have come to him if something had happened to a patient. Meredith, for as smart as he is, she handled this poorly. Just episodes ago she didn't want the chief to be the best man at her wedding. She witnessed him drinking first hand at the bar, she didn't try to help him and just tried to ignore it so it would be better for her. Derek was the one had to step up even though he knew people would say he did it for the wrong reasons. That takes character.


i really don't like chief and derek fighting.. they went from being trailer neighbors on dereks land and having gentleman's evenings, which were all fun and funny, to this??


ana114, I'm a little confused here. I'm pointing out that Richard used Meredith too, so Derek shouldn't be punished solely for it. Like I said, he used the wrong methodology but something had to be done. Do I agree with it? No, but in retrospective, I don't think Meredith would've open her eyes to Richard's situation unless Derek pushed with something that mattered to her, Izzie. I also think that Meredith isn't THAT much of a victim. Was she manipulated? Yes and it was wrong, but really, she decided to keep the secret. She made a choice. Finally, the Derek pity woods party situation is different. He wasn't drinking on the job. Richard was. Derek didn't have a drinking problem, Richard does have one. I'd be a little cautious too if I had a former alcoholic staff member come back like nothing to operate on people. I have to say, though, I do feel for Richard. It's a slap in the face to see that he couldn't make the surgical board work without Derek and Derek can work fine without him. I don't understand why anyone has to win. What good does it come out of that? If Richard proves that he is a better Chief than Derek? What? Does he get a prize? Satisfaction? The Harper Avery?
It's no secret that people like Richard more as Chief than Derek but making this into a win/lose situation makes it childish. If I see Richard 'winning' without demeaning Derek or his work, I'll have a newfound respect for him because THAT will say he's better than Derek. This ramble took longer than expected, sorry. :)

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