Gossip Girl Notes: Carter Baizen, Blair's Bulimia to Return

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A couple of minor Gossip Girl notes from EW's spoiler chat today:

  1. In response to whether the show will revisit Blair Waldorf’s eating disorder, Michael Ausiello writes that they will, "but if you blink you’ll likely miss it." Executive producer Stephanie Savage teases a “moment” coming up that touches on B’s struggle with bulimia. “It’s very subtle, but for people who are looking for it, they will find it.”
  2. Carter Baizen (recurring guest star Sebastian Stan) will be making a return this season, and it’s supposedly tied to the arrival of Eric and Serena’s father (Billy Baldwin).

With Georgina returning too, this season is definitely going out with a bang. Any thoughts on what might bring Carter back to the UES? Or what trigger's Blair's eating disorder?

Baizen Pic

Sebastian Stan is poised for another stint as Carter Baizen.

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blair bulemia should be a big dill and could be a great storyline this is auch a shame to make it little! i remember how amazing was the sesone one and now this show is so booring i am sorry but blair become so anoying and chuck make me want to suicide he is acting like an old man where is the old womenizer funny chuck? and his relsh with B is ablelotly not fun i miss the old game with all the passion! they should make blair bulemia a big thin!

Chair 4ever

wow, "it's so subtle.." "you'll only see it if you're looking".. really ?? This is a potentially amazing storyline, and they are simply telling us it will return.. but wait, it's no big deal? really an eating disorder is deadly.. you can't just sweep it under the rug, it's either dealt with the right way or it's not dealt with at all. Because quite honestly, you cannot just simply address an eating disorder without making it more than subtle. sorry, writers but you are sadly mistaken this time. If she has a relapse it's not something she can easily work through so much that we might even miss it..


I think that it will be because of her break up with chuck and thats when she turns to dan, because there are all these rumours about her and dan. and i hope carter comes back and gets with serena


Why, I'd like to pick a fight by saying: isn't it just like the woman to nickel and dime about who gives more attention, support, and respect in a relationship instead of looking at a broader picture. :-) Well, as lame as social climbing appears to be, I'm afraid we all have blisters and calluses to show for it. But it's wrong to suggest that Chuck has been lacking in supporting B's social climbing interests. Having himself often looked down on the hoi polloi, Chuck is actually fine with B ultimately achieving the creme de la creme status. Chuck may have been critical of B's approach to fulfill her social climbing agenda, what with NYU and bogus secret society crap, but critical doesn't mean unsupportive. Let's not forget him saying once, "...but one day you will hold that school in the palm of your dainty hand." He obviously understands and respects her interests in that regard. But then again he felt he needed to be the voice of reason when he saw that B's failures at NYU turned her to desperation, which would have otherwise ended up destroying her socially. And he most definitely had to set her straight when she went too far and used him in an ill-conceived plan to stick it to Vanessa. In the last episode, he sincerely endeavors to help her. Overwhelmed and frustrated by the emotional nature of his own ongoing problem, he experienced a moment of weakness. In the end, however, he comes to her not to whine about his problem, not to reproach her for not supporting him, but to apologize and fully explain the circumstances at hand, giving B the freedom to make up her own mind about where her loyalties lie. When the moment of truth is upon her, B's inner Ma'at decides well. With the trash writing they had going, what else did B have going on this season for Chuck to even be supportive of? I rest my case.


Bec, couldn't agree more...Blair is boring me and she has so much more fire and intelligence in her but the writers aren't using that anymore. I look back at season 1 & I admired Blair (yes she could be a bitch) but she was so intelligent and fircely loyal, I really admired that...now she is like a whiny, little girl. It's sad because I still love the chair but I loved being excited the whole day at work for the episode then running home and downloading first thing...now I could go days before I bother to download it :-(


I'm probably older than many posters which may account for the different way I see Chuck and Blair's evolution this season. I can only imagine how Chuck's year in the very adult, cut-throat business world of Manhattan would make it difficult for them to relate to each other right now. In fact, I'm bored with Blair lately... She's fiercely intelligent and driven, but she's got nothing to do, and as a result, Chair is boring me! Blair's tete-a-tete with Elizabeth was the most interesting scene she's had since the hospital :( I'm holding on for the arrival of Jack, G, Dr. VDW, and Carter to stir things up.


I think everyone has valid points. Kara, I definitely agree with you about the bulimia, the writers aren't doing the seriousness of the issue any justice...it may be a television drama but it should be educational also to its audience when dealing with serious and very relevant issues to its key deompgraphic (young women). M & Goose you both have good points I do think Chuck sometimes doesn't understand Blair and although social climbing is a bit lame it is important to Blair, just as business deals are important to Chuck. Chuck needs to respect that that's what B likes and I do think B has put more effort iot the relationship, she is always supporting him....that's why C supporting B in a bulimia story could be just what the show...and couple need!


I am a girl and I totally agree with both Balaji1212 & GOOSE! its true that both B and C have to work together to be in a good relationship and Chuck isn't the cause of B's little upset so to speak, his is the one there to look after her and love her. Just as B is doing for Chuck with the whole Evelyn situation. Love Chair soo much! x


Again my views exactly :-).Your post was a great character study of Chuck,just brilliant :-bd They are writing B's character as one embracing good relationship and family values. Not the fantasy way, but the real way. Of course, it's going to take a toll. And bulimia is as good of an idea as any. However, as far as her effort is concerned, her investments do not go unrewarded for long. Whenever Chuck makes a step backwards, he eventually follows that up with two steps forward. After all, he is no Nate. All life is a struggle. ^^^^
It's not as if Chuck is only taking from her but he is giving to you know [even though his issues are far deeper & thus it requires alot of giving nodoubt but he too is giving what Blair needs] and the very fact that Blair loves him so much and is soo devoted to him tells that she obviously gets from him & Sees in him somethings she wants.


Excuse a few spelling mistakes and possible word omissions.

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