Gossip Girl Sneak Previews: "The Hurt Locket"

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The sexy Gossip Girl trailers released by the CW were just the beginning. The network has also posted two sneak preview clips from Monday's all-new episode, "The Hurt Locket."

We've seen a huge photo gallery from the episode - the show's first in three months - but these are the first real clips from it. In the first, Lily gets on Jenny's case about Damien.

Looks like she's got good reason to be suspicious, too ...

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/gossip-girl-sneak-preview-1-the-hurt-locket/" title="Gossip Girl Sneak Preview #1: The Hurt Locket"] [/video]

Follow the jump for another clip from the episode, featuring Chuck and Blair in the midst of a conversation about something that is sure to be central to their lives for some time ...

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/gossip-girl-sneak-preview-2-the-hurt-locket/" title="Gossip Girl Sneak Preview #2: The Hurt Locket"] [/video]

What are your thoughts on the clips above? Are you as excited for "The Hurt Locket" as we are? What are you most looking forward to about it? Sound off now in the comments!

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-Taylor T


Blair: Vronsky, where are you? Anna Karenina texted you an hour ago. She wants to celebrate.
Chuck: Look, I'm sorry, but Anna will have to wait. I'm about to walk into a meeting.
Blair: With Monsieur Dari? Are you bringing him here to surprise me?
Chuck: As it turns out, I wasn't able to attend the lunch.
Blair: Are you in... the hospital? Since I know that you're alive, there could be no other possible reason you would sacrifice my entire future.
Chuck: Look, I'll get you your introduction. Ok? Monsieur Dari will be attending the dinner for the French ambassador tomorrow night.
Blair: Oh, thank God. You practically gave me a heart attack. Why didn't you mention this earlier?
Chuck: I just assumed that you'd rather not cross paths with Carla Brunee.
Blair: Well, in times of crisis, sacrifices must be made. Why did you miss lunch?
Chuck: I tried to meet someone whose schedule is even more unpredictable than mine...I'll see you tonight. ^^^ a pre-quote submission. enjoy ! Gossip Girl is my life


CHAIR=ENDGAME-KISMET!!! Seriously, Blair-Chuck awesomeness makes the whole show. Totally ADORE them together!!!


omg..S and N are back as a couple finally..i'm really excited for them.. i really, really want them to end-up as a couple..i hope there will be more episodes about them being a couple..
pretty much don't like J for N.. J and N?! Noooo!! don't match.. S and N? Woww!! awesome! fantastic.. much awaited couple.. Serenate forever and whatever happens.. :D


OMG lol! ANNA KARENINA ROLE PLAY! that. is. amazing.


I luv Jenny!!! at first i didnt want Jenny having her first time with damien but now i really dont mind.




LMAO Blair. Cant wait for chair


I can't wait, the only thing I'm looking forward too is the Jenny storyline.


who says chair lost their chemistry is very wrong I think.they have so much chemistry.I love watching these two.they have never been boring.I will be so sad if they break up.they are still the hottest couple on the show.come on they are growing up.they can't behave in a childish way like in the old seasons.they are amazing now.

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