Gossip Girl Teasers, Spoilers For Tonight

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As you might be aware, Gossip Girl airs a day earlier in Canada (at least it did last night now) and a spoiler-friendly fan posted some interesting notes on it this morning.

We can't verify these, nor do they really reveal too much more than the sneak previews already have, but it's still fun to read and speculate about what might go down.

So consider yourself warned. You may not want to have it spoiled, but if you do, follow the jump for alleged tidbits from tonight's episode, "The Empire Strikes Jack" ...

  • Jenny gets a second chance in fashion by Eleanor.
  • So does Agnes ("supposedly" 90 days sober from AA)!
  • Jenny and Agnes make up "I missed you, Bitch!"
  • Chuck is kicked out of the hotel by his mother.
  • Dan and Vanessa try to change things.
  • Jenny is getting texts from Damien.
  • Agnes wants to do something about that... drugging Jenny.
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  • Jenny is rescued by Nate (thank goodness for GPS)!
  • Blair hires prostitutes as her friends.
  • Blair may have a future with Columbia.
  • Elizabeth isn't Chuck's mother ... or is she?
  • Jack and Elizabeth are .... in love??
  • Dan and Vanessa go public.
  • Dorota's in this episode!

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jenny getting rescues by nate ughhh its really old now
a txt from damien yayy!!! jamien all the way but we all no something stupid will happen like nate will erase it ugh i cant stand him anymore always thinking he knows whats best ughh srry nenny fans i hate them together


I rewatched last week's episode and paid close attention at the end during the conversation between Jack and Elizabeth. It seems to me that she is NOT happy about the news she delivers to Jack about the acquisition of the hotel and looks less happy when he walks into the apartment and they sit down. Maybe he's twisting her arm (who knows what he has on her!) and it will turn out that she really IS Chuck's mother, and she really didn't want to do this to him. Also, did you all see the article on another site with the 'window' that says, "What Did Chuck Do?" ..with a Blair mannequin, etc....wow.


Jenny again? Nate saves her again? Lame&boring. I don't know what's the point of Nate rescuing Jenny all the time if he's soooo in love with somebody else...if it's going to be this boring, i can always watch something else. At least we have Chuck, Blair and now Dorota that are saving the show. And bring back Erik, I miss him too, plus he has some unfinished business with little J.




Blair might have a future at Columbia? It is about time. She deserves to be at an Ivy.


So excited that Agnes will be back! She is one of my favorite guest characters. Be careful Jenny!


@pb THANKYOU! your like the only person that feels the same way as me


Too much Little J for sure! I don't mind her having some drama, but why does Nate have to keep rescuing her. And why two episodes in a row of Little J? If the writers think they are destined to be together put them together...but this storyline is BORING! And gross, she is too young for Nate.


Omigosh.....DOROTA'S the pregnancy! In the last season, Blair found those pregnancy test, and she thought they were her mother's....but they were Dorota's!


I dont know about anyone else but dont you hate Jenny? She is the most annoying person on the show. I hope she leaves for a few episodes.

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