Gossip Girl Tipster Offers Possible Pregnancy Spoiler

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If we had to pick one awesome thing about being the #1 Gossip Girl fan community, it's our readers. You guys and girls are the best. Thank you all for your continued support.

But if we could pick a second thing (which is kind of an extension of the first thing), it's that sometimes people send us intel. It allows us to play Gossip Girl ourselves for a bit!

Full disclosure: We have no idea if the information below is true, and we realize it doesn't reveal that much. But someone sent it to us, so it's our obligation to post it for you!

See what you make of this email we received yesterday which may pertain to a season finale pregnancy shocker (it also may just be for Dorota's baby, but you never know) ...

Great Boots

"Hi, I would just like to inform you that Gossip Girl filmed in my school, St. Francis College."

"They filmed the season finale over a two day period and used one of the lounges as a waiting room, the school chapel, and a part of the larger lounge as a hospial room."

"Eric and Dan were involved in the storyline as well as Serena. I'm positive that it has something to do with a pregnancy because decals were up in the room that they were taping indicating that "so and so" donated a wing to that particular maternity ward."

"I am 100 percent sure this is the [show] doing that bombshell storyline."

Thoughts on this Gossip Girl tip? Share with us in the comments! If you have any tips of Gossip Girl spoilers you'd like to share, write to steve@tvfanatic.com!

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I hope Blairs pregnant with Chucks baby!!! they belong!!!


I personally think its Blair and Chuck. Blair is showing symptoms. Plus look at how those two have been acting.


i really hope it's serena with nate's baby.......


dude, think about it! it's supposed to be messed up, really weird. chuck and blair have issues. chuck and JENNY? we know chuck and jennys a slut now, and she struck out out on nate. she cant screw her brother or eric. its chuck. brilliant.


S meets carter in episode 19? maybe carter got her pregnant :O


i think it will be jenny shes unexpected, and i bet that the father is nate he cheats on serena (or breaks up coz he still has strong feelings for jenny)btw i hope vanessa leaves shes a hoe fo sho seriously shes slept wit all the gg guys and seriously v and d have no chemistry there only together coz of that chick hilary duff which sadly is going to come back
btw I LUV DAN N SERENA!!!!!!


if serena pregnant, why is nate not involved


whoever posted this email...damn lucky!
as for my thoughts...i dunno..whatever the hell happens...we'll see.


maybe S become pregnant ,you know maybe she forgot the pills when had sex with Nate, if they have babies ,I will be in heaven.


maybe S become pregnant ,you know maybe she was on pills when had sex with Nate, if they have babies ,I will be in heaven.

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