Greg Grunberg: Hearing "Good Rumors" Regarding Return of Heroes

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Perhaps more than any member of the Heroes cast, Greg Grunberg likes to talk publicly about the prospects of his show and the hopeful path it's on.

There are just two problems with his outlook: the series is absolutely atrocious; and of course Grunberg hopes it will be renewed. NBC signs his paychecks!

In a new interview with TV Guide Magazine, the man that plays Matt Parkman talked about the possibility that Heroes will actually return for a fifth season.

“I'm hearing rumors, I'm hearing good rumors,” he said. “We clearly did not wrap up the overall lure and story of Heroes [in the season finale]. I love the last episode. I thought it was awesome.

"It was really exciting that [Claire] jumps in front of all the press. We'll see, I just felt like we do need to wrap this up. I think it would be great if they announced two more seasons or something like that."

TWO more seasons?!? And you thought the finale was awesome, Greg? Even the most loyal Heroes readers on our site absolutely tore that boring episode to shreds.

Parkman and Sylar

As for criticisms the show has faced, Grunberg says it "tried some different things" over the past season or two.

"I think it's just getting back to the roots of the show, which is, it’s a character show, a family show [with] the family relationships within the show. Think that's what we need to do,” he said.

We've asked before and we'll ask again: Do you wanna see Heroes return for a fifth season?

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so i just watched season 1-season4 of heroes with my fiance WE LOVED LOVED LOVED it!!!!!!! please please pleeeeeeeeeeassss bring heroes season five!!!!!! we just couldnt stop watching it and we want to know more what happens after clair reveals herself!!!!!!!!!!I thought every season was great defenatley no disappointment it was fantastic!!!!!!


I want hero's back


This is one of the shows that keeps TV different. With a show like this there will always be strong opinions on both sides. The bottom line is that Heroes is a great show. You watch it if you love it or hate it. I agree that they need to get back to the humanity of the first season. They tried in the 4th season, but they could fix a few things and Heroes will be on top again. For all the critics out there, just start watching the cooking channel and shut up.


Man, this site is dead as a doornail. There's gotta be SOME Heroes news?! It's on NBC!


They just need innovation. I will see Heroes, even if it is disappointing. I want to see how it ends.


This show deserves a shot to make a comeback! Its still got potential to be a great show. And your right John, the show has to go back to being a show about families sticking together to save the world.


Just finished watching the 1st season once again. It is one of the best opening seasons of show that ever seen. And the ending when Nathan comes back to help his brother Peter was a touching moment. It's ashame that they killed Nathan off. Him and Peter had a special bond that should of never been broken. This show has to go back to saving people and families sticking together. As Charles said in the end all the really matters is love.


I hope this show returns, even if there are some boring sequences in it, it's still entertaining


Seriously... it has become the crappiest show on earth... if they bring it back, please let it be with new writers who actually have brains!


What is this site? What happened to the Heroes fanatic site we all loved? Why would I read the bashing on this site if I'm a fan? Why does this Heroes page of TV fanatic exist?

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