Grey's Anatomy Promo: "Sympathy For the Parents"

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Below is a promo for this Thursday's all-new Grey's Anatomy episode, called "Sympathy For the Parents." Looks like an Alex-centric episode on tap this week at Seattle Grace.

When his younger brother, Aaron, shows up with a hernia, it's up to Alex to get Bailey's approval for pro bono surgery. The reunion is more complicated than that, of course.

Aaron discloses that his family has not heard from Alex since he arrived in Seattle, and parts of Alex's past, long kept secret, are revealed to his friends and fellow doctors.

Our guess is that there will be physical and emotional blows flying left and right. There's plenty of other non-Karev drama taking place this week too, as you can see below ...

We'll have photos and sneak peeks up soon, but for now, here's the first promo:

[video url="" title="Sympathy For the Parents Promo"] [/video]

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I agree with anuflas and ana114 I love Mer/Chris friendship but come on I think that decisions about having a baby should be between Mer/Der and have a mutual understanding. I understand Mer's anxieties about being a mom because her own mom was so bad to her and she's worred about turning into her. I love the new mature Mer but I don't think Cristina should be the decison maker for her with this decison.


@RINAT: you're not alone On this one. I Am so excited about this new pair. A mature relationship for Mark. Both are moving on. FINALLY.


Kill me for being the only one whos excited about the teddy\mark pairing.


I cannot wait! This promo seems like the episode is gonna be vintage Grey's. Hopefully this is a start of a comeback cause I've not been a huge fan of season 6.


@ana114, Exactly. However, I think it's more about SR's twisted mind about what it means to be a 'strong, independent woman' that she wants to show us through Mer and Cris but someone in another GA board said, they have given everyone the same voice. But I TA on the Mer/Cris subject. I hope that Mer manages to talk to Derek about it, more than Cris. I'll light a candle for the god of GA to make it happen.


I think Mer consulting Alex gives her a more level headed approach to the baby issue. I felt as though she could have had that conversation with George. But Alex didn't go all gooey, and he asked what she thought about it. Mer knew Cris would back up her 'no I'm not having a baby'. Cris isn't maternal, she never visited the babies like Mer and George. But Cris also has been so anti Der, but Mer's always accepted that. But Der knows Mer well enough to know she'll freak out at first. He talked about marriage and babies way before she was ready. He'll get his way eventually. Maybe Mark's grandchild will stir Mer into realising she does want babies


Watching the CTV promo and it seems that Meredith is surprise that Derek would want to have a baby with mess up her. I don't think Mer believe Der when he told her that he wants her crappy babies last season.


Hopefully there'll be a MerDer preview this time! I think the writers have let MerDer storys drift a little this season.I do understand why, I do!. We're lucky that Ellen didn't take her full maternity entitlement. I think the baby issue does need addressing between MerDer. It could be fun if they are trying to conceive a baby in S7. It could really run and run as a storyline. It would even give a cross over episode excuse to get Addison to do a complex surgery so Mer can have a baby! Even little Shepherd could tag along to learn and visit her brother and meet her only sister in law


@anuflas, It has always bug me the way they portray Cris/Mer friendship. While I love their friendship I don't like way the writers insist in making them co-dependent. If one does something the other has to do it too. That not healthy. I find that Mer is more in touch with her feelings and issues than Cris, and I always believe that Meredith avoids confronting her issues because she wants to keep up Cristina, because Cristina is like Ellis hardcore and keeping up with Cristina is like pleasing Ellis, especially when it comes to surgery. Even though I think that Mer and Cris are both hardcore, but they are hardcore in different areas of their lives. So please god of GA let Mer and Cris grow to be independent of each other and let them make their decisions on their own. Don't make them the same on the baby issue, because it would pissed me off.


@Helena mer is wearing a red bathrobe not scrubs

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