Is Izzie Going Brunette on Grey's Anatomy?

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Lexie Grey recently decided to go blonde, prompting Mark to tell her she can't pull it off because she's neither bad ass nor super fun. Will Izzie Stevens attempt the reverse?

We're just speculating here, but based on recent photos of Katherine Heigl, crazier guesses have been posited. The Grey's Anatomy star has ditched her iconic blonde hair!

Heigl stepped out for lunch yesterday in L.A. as a brunette, a striking change from one of the industry's most noteworthy long-haired blondes (Blake Lively being another).

Do you think Izzie will adopt Katherine's new change? Regardless, which hair color do you like best on Katherine? Check out the comparison below and tell us what you think:

Can Katherine Heigl pull off her newly-brunette look?

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I prefer her as a blond with wavy hair, but the brown hair does make a nice change.


Shonda Rhimes finally let Katherine Heigl go, it's been confirmed. Her final episode as Izzie already aired...


definately not good. way too dark for her. i really dont even care about her anymore, and frankly, i have not missed her at all. she has hardly been in this season, and has not given me any reason to support her on greys


so I guess her new hair was actually her way of announcing she wouldn't return so it'd be ok to die her hair a different color...


that look is not new for Katherine Heighl. In the 3rd season of her previous tv show Roswell she had short, dark hair, and she looked very attractive. This new look is ok for me... please,.. I don't care Karev's hooked ups,.. I care about Izzie... I really start to hate Lexie. Lexie never fill the KH's shoes on the show.


I'm sorry!!! I don't miss Heigl or Izzy!!! Everytime she sets foot on set. It is like Izzy is back lets give her the whole damn episode. The eppy's have been great without her. Last season was all about her and sex with the dead idiot. Then we find out why she was having sex with the idiot and then cancer story and the wedding. Enough already!!!!! If she has to be there put her in the back ground. And let the other actors shine. There are some damn good actors on this show. That actually love entertaining us and work hard to do this. She pops in every few eppy's and everyone is supposed to be thrilled. I"m not!!!!!! Just go already and make your movies. We have all moved on without you Miss Heigl!!!!!


I meant "Grey's is such a creative, funny and sad SHOW at the same time", sorry.


The brown hair looks really nice, but I'd prefer blonde. Maybe it's because I'm used to her being blonde, but this would be a very pathetic storyline: Two main characters suddenly change their hair colour? Please. That's very dumb and not what I expect of Grey's - because Grey's is such a creative, funny and sad at the same time!
I'd like to see Izzie with the hair from the first picture, but blonde. A mix :D I seriously hope she stays blonde for Grey's!! And I hope Derek hires her back and she reunites with Alex AND she stays on Grey's. The show is boring without her...
I'm looking forward to the promotional pictures of the episode she returnes.
I used british spelling, too. It's what we lern in Germany :P


I think Chyler looks better a brunette than KH does. Could they both swap back please. But I think the colour is a possible thing that Izzie would do to herself to move on with her life. She lost her job,she's post cancer treatment and her husband rejected her after she rejected him. I'm kinda thinking she wanted to be taken seriously as a doc. Some people may still recognise her from her underwear modelling days. So new hairdo, new start. Remember when Mer's hair went very dark cos she got very dark and twisty after her encounters with both parents in S3? Will Izzie still come back as the optomistic person we knew before? If SGH is her only choice to be a surgeon not sure she'll be happy to return. I have used the UK spelling of colour spelling too.


She is doing a movie ,for this she's black .This is only .


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