Jessica Lucas: From Melrose Place to Friends with Benefits

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Bad news for Melrose Place fans: Jessica Lucas, who plays Riley Richmond on the show, has been cast on NBC's Friends with Benefits, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The comedy from the writers of (500) Days of Summer is about friends looking for love. The cast also includes Fran Kranz (Dollhouse) and Danneel Harris (One Tree Hill).

Does this mean Melrose is officially done for? No announcement has been made yet by the CW about a second season, but it certainly doesn't look good at the moment.

Riley Richmond Picture

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@Britney Ann, you're so jealous
she's beautiful...I'm so pissed this show got cancelled!!!it got so much better in the last few episodes....


I am from Sweden and I watch the episodes every week. Yesterday, the last episode was aired, and i couldn't end more exiting. I do really like this show and also how the diracter has made it. So please don't quit Melros place, its a very big serie abroad in europe!


Keep the show! i love it! And i love riley's character! she is one of the only ones who is normal..


Riley is the worst character on that show! I always hated how the writers tried to make her some sort of sex symbol. She looks like a frickin' drag queen! Since when does ugly, fat, and manish equal model?!!? The fact that she has a manish sounding name doesn't help either. Good riddance! Can we just erase her from the show's memory now too?


Actually, she will be missed if she leaves. Some people DO like her. I don't care for the Riley character that much but I think Jessica Lucas is a good actress. If they don't cancel MP and she leaves, I'm following her to "Friends With Benefits."


The original melrose ran almost every week with a brand new episode and had, what, like 32 episodes each season? They brought back Amanda, and the next week they air a repeat, what were they thinking. The next week they did have a new show, but went on a huge break for months. We even missed a Melrose Place Christmas episode just like the original had during its seasons. This long lack of new shows, I think has hurt the viewers. It would be great for another season but with barely 1 million viewers for first run new episodes, these new residents will be getting their eviction notices soon. So sad, Melrose canceled again :(


foosboos, the only thing that was thrown together was the pilot for the revamped 90210. Melrose Place had a pilot set for presentation last spring, while 90210 didn't, which gave people incentive to think that it would be terrible. It didn't. As for the Melrose Place pilot, critics loved it, but when Sydney's death was leaked, people got pissed and tuned out. It's a shame really... They missed some good stuff.


I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!!! I never watched the original MP cuz I was barely a teenager back then so I couldn't really understand what was going on there LoL! But now I just love the show!! Although Riley kinda bugs me with her attitude and righteousness and kindness and everything. Plus, her character's kinda boring. She was boring when she was dating Jonah and she still is now she's not with him. Everyone's got interesting things going on and there she is, just...being there and pretend to work on some kids school stuff that's not even remotely interesting. She's like Vanessa Abraham to me. Boring and doesn't play any specific role in it. Everyone there's got a connection (Jonah & Ella dating, Ella & David having history 2gether, David & Lauren now dating...etc. etc.). I'd hate to see her & Drew together cuz Drew's kinda cute & exciting. Drew should be approaching Lauren instead :D :D :D


Melrose Place is a huge international hit, so there's money to be made involved. CW will renew it for the second season.


I was thinking about this last night. I thought that if MP will be renewed, she will be fired. She just doesn't belong there. This doesn't mean the new MP will be canceled, this just mean that the producers have done something they should've done when the show started.