Jessica Lucas: From Melrose Place to Friends with Benefits

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Bad news for Melrose Place fans: Jessica Lucas, who plays Riley Richmond on the show, has been cast on NBC's Friends with Benefits, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The comedy from the writers of (500) Days of Summer is about friends looking for love. The cast also includes Fran Kranz (Dollhouse) and Danneel Harris (One Tree Hill).

Does this mean Melrose is officially done for? No announcement has been made yet by the CW about a second season, but it certainly doesn't look good at the moment.

Riley Richmond Picture
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awh, please no.
i love melrose place, and i think riley and drew would be so cute together.
don't do it! it's actually getting better than before. nick zano


Melrose Place is doing a way better job than the cw version of 90210. First it has a great great and dynamic believable actors with a good story lines. Kate Casidy is does a terrific job playing Ella. You can love her or hate her but at the end of the day she means good. Then the character of Lauren. She has a goal to be a doctor. However she has no other choice to be a prostitute. THat a believe able storyline to keep viewers watching. Next another reason to watch Melrose Place is that THe producers and writers gave us the fans what we deserve by bringing back history involving some of the main original characters part of the show such as Amanda,Jane, and Michale. What i like about Melrose Place, is that they really involve the original characters with the new residents with strong believable story lines . For Example Dr. MAncini IS blackmailing Lauren. Jane Plotting to Bring down Ella. Then there Amanda Woodward as Ella's boss making life misserable for Ella by framing her for stilling money. Bascailly what makes Melrose Place unique and fun to watch is that the original characters were brought back with a goal and plot to stir up trouble for the new Residents Of Melrose place. In addition Melrose Place brought back some of the originals without doing cameo appearance with no meaning. Although Jane came and left she still left an impact on the show by plotting against Ella. That brought the return of Amanda to shake things up in Building. THe Best part of about Watching MElrose place is that there is so much tension,sex,drama and intrigue in the new melrose place and I feel it has alot of potential and it deserves a second Season, Please Do Not Cancel MElrose Place. Please.


I freaking love this show... It's supposed to be a newer version, I think they did a great job creating a new cast and featuring some from the original... It's a makeover, but that adds to the storyline. I admit, I wasn't so fond of it at first, but since Auggie and Violet are gone (talk about some horrible acting, Ashlee Simpson-Wentz!!), I've really enjoyed what I've seen and found myself looking forward to the next episode! We've had the proper character development, and now the story is just starting to get good.


Perhaps the CW was wrong to pick the show up. Another network less youth focused could have made this work. But in my opinion, they should not have started with a fresh batch of people. Instead, they should have had Amanda, Michael and Sydney headlining the show with a sprinkle of a few new, yonger cast members. They botched this re-hash something harsh. Which is a shame because I think old Melrose fans would have watched religiously if they had the oldies headlining. Ella, Lauren and David and the new guy Drew are perhaps the only new characters they should have had on there to begin with.


Of course its going to be canceled, have you been watching the ratings? Since the new episodes came back on, the show has been in a downward spiral. Last episode didn't even see one million viewers, and that was for a brand new show. And now with Jessica signing onto another show, this is a sure sign that Melrose Place will be 100% canceled. This show lost viewers from episode 1 due to the terrible writing. If they would have spent more time on the writing, instead of throwing it together in a hurry, this show might of had a chance.


If the CW renews the show and Jessica doesn't come back that is sad. But I really don't care for the character Riley anyway.


She won't be missed.
I do love the show, but the other characters are way better.
Ella is the best one. I am from Brazil and I watch the show from here. I am really praying that CW does not cancel it. Huge fan! ;)