Julie Benz to Star in No Ordinary Family

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Her character may have been killed off Dexter, but Julie Benz is recovering from that traumatic experience nicely.

She's turned up on Wisteria Lane, recurring over the last few weeks as a stripper named Robin (pictured) on Desperate Housewives.

Now, we can confirm that Benz has landed a major role on the pilot about which we're most excited:

She'll star opposite Michael Chiklis in No Ordinary Family, a drama that revolves around a family that suddenly develops special abilities.

Julie Benz on Desperate Housewives

While Heroes has soured us on this general concept, it's impossible not to get psyched for a show that features Chiklis (best known for his role on The Shield, the best series in TV history), Benz and also Autumn Reeser, another TV Fanatic favorite.

On No Ordinaty Family, Benz will play a gifted scientist who develops super speed.

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Matt richenthal

@matt: haha, bias views? We're a critical TV site. The entire point is to express our opinion. What makes our view bias? It's just... our view.
Do you only wish to read opinions on shows that agree with yours? If that's the case, and if you're a fan of Heroes, I wish you good luck in finding a single site you'll enjoy. As for The Shield vs. Lost: Lost is the most impressive accomplishment in TV history, as far as what it aims to accomplish and the depth in which its writers go each week.
From a purely entertaining standpoint, the answer is The Shield, hands down. It actually improved as its seven seasons went on and told a story that never let up. A truly incredible narrative with easily the best series finale in TV history.


Hey so first off I LOVE Julie Benz...however I have a few gripes about tvfanatic calling the shield the best series in tv history....Was and is it not you tvfanatic that raves about Lost as the best series ever. Now that you seemingly want to integrate your bias views about other shows IE Heroes as turning you off from this type of drama....Grow a pair TV Fanatic

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