More Gossip Girl Previews: "The Sixteen Year Old Virgin"

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Last week we posted two sneak peeks of tonight's Gossip Girl episode, "The Sixteen Year Old Virgin." Now here are three more clips to get yourself excited for the show tonight.

We apologize for the delay in posting these, but both Gossip Guy and Mister Meester were attending the much-anticipated wedding of colleague DANdy over the weekend.

Give it up for the newlyweds!

Now, down to business. In the first of the three new previews, Jenny and Damien get hot and heavy and make plans to ... well, the title of the episode tells you everything here:

[video url="" title="The Sixteen Year Old Virgin Sneak Preview #3"] [/video]

Follow the jump for two more excerpts from tonight. In the first, Dan and Vanessa try to lay down some guidelines. In the second, Rufus learns that his Little J is cutting school ...

[video url="" title="The Sixteen Year Old Virgin Sneak Preview #4"][/video]

[video url="" title="The Sixteen Year Old Virgin Sneak Preview #5"][/video]

What do you think of these Gossip Girl sneak previews? Will Jenny go all the way with Damien? How will Rufus react? Is Danessa hot or not? Comment away below!

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congrats DANdy! :) excited for the episode tonight!




This episode looks amazing! I'm sooo excited haha


BTW, does anyone know why Jenny wants to sabotage Serena's surprise b-day party that she's throwing for Nate? I read that in the upcoming episode description somewhere...hmm.


Amy, I agree with you; Damien is getting more and more interesting with each episode...and hell yea, the only one lil' J can blame if she'll have a bad experience it's only her cause she was the one lying about her virginity.
And I actually like how straightforward Damien was with the whole sex thing...he's a sexually active male who has certain needs and desires in a relationship and it's only normal he expects that from a realtionship...and it's not like he's forcing her or anything (at least not in that scene), he just simply makes it clear.
Jenny's a pathetic wannabe-badass. I loved her in season2, but now she's irritating and ridiculous. I hope she'll be Georgina's next target, I really do.


The thing is Damien may be shady or whatever - i actually find his character intriguing. But he does say Jenny can talk to him about her fear. She's the one who pushes it aside and refuses to admit shes a virgin. If she had spoken up he might have said they didn't have to rush or they could wait or whatever. Jenny made the choice to pretend she'd had sex before and refused to admit her anxiety. That's not Damien being shady thats Jenny being an idiot -- again.


Haha i love it that Rufus has the Head teacher in his contacts, because Jenny is that bad XD


i still think damien is shady...lil j needs a high school boy she can boss around also...i kinda like danessa! they have a comical thing going on which is nice when everything else gets sooo serious


Aww I love Vanessa! I miss her super curly hair from season one...that's irrelevant though.


@null anonymous person
--maybe because she has some self-respect?
--maybe because she really knows she's in too far with him? Not every girl is ready for or should be having sex at 16. It's the ones who realize that that wind up being the happiest, in the end.

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