New Gossip Girl Sneak Peek: "The Hurt Locket"

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Gossip Girl was off the air for three months, but is certainly making up for lost time with a deluge of sneak preview clips leading up to Monday night's long-awaited return.

The latest sneak peek of "The Hurt Locket" features Serena and Damien, the bad seed who's turning Little J into his plaything and personal drug mule, reliving the old days.

Follow the link here for all the clips released for the episode so far, then check out the latest Gossip Girl preview below and tell us what you think of this shady character ...

[video url="" title="The Hurt Locket Sneak Preview #7"] [/video]

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I have no problem with Taylor Momsen saying that she isn't a role model and doing what she wants. She didn't ask to be put on a pedestal. It's her life, let her live it and to those girls who look up to her and find her actions appalling, there are a million other actresses to be in awe of, go find another one.


I hate Jenny on GG and in real life she's a bitch that keeps her way 2 big 4 her age,she dissed her fans but in actual fact they made her what she is today or she'd just be a normal girl and not famous at all she shows no appreciation and thinks shes 2 cool...!!!I love the fact that she's going to get in trouble in GG and hopefully Serena puts her on her place when she comes after Nate!!!


by da luks of it damien falling for senenna


i really like him. he might be a drug dealer but that doesn't make him a bad person. i know a lot of people who do that and they make alot of money but they don't do the drugs. No, they just sell them to scared, vulnerable people who get hooked and spend the rest of their lives addicted and out of control. But hey, so long as they don't do drugs themselves.... Nice morals you got there.


I like Damien because he's totally going to get Jenny in trouble which she deserves for being a bitch. And he could also mean Queen J-screentime because no matter how annoying she might be I love her.


he's 25 years old in real life but on the show I'm guessing he's the same age as serena and blair? 19? 20?


mmm..cant wait!


but i start to like damien.. he's got that dirty looks over serena.. *squellss*


i think this is too coincedence. serena and damien are friends at boarding school? gee thx for the writers. for the lack of imagination.


omg this is gooo amazing...they went to boarding school together...I can smell Jenny's jelousy already!I guess thats why she is gonna go after nate! omg...this is getting so juuiccy!

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