Teddy and Mark to Hook Up on Grey's Anatomy

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Sorry to post that Grey's Anatomy spoiler in the headline above with no advance notice, but if you saw the "Push" sneak peeks posted yesterday, you may have had a hunch already.

Kim Raver's Dr. Altman has been criticized by some for not interacting with anyone other than Owen and Cristina since her arrival at Seattle Grace. Looks like that's going to change.

Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello says that in the March 25 episode of Grey's Anatomy, Teddy will "interact" with someone other than Owen and Cristina, alright: Mark Sloan.

A Teddy Bear
Older Sloan

Teddy and Mark? Will they be a real couple or just a fling?

In no uncertain terms, he writes "Teddy and Mark are hooking up!" Thoughts on that potential new couple? As Callie said, at least she's age-appropriate ... but really? Tark? Meddy?

In other Sloan news, Leven Rambin is returning as Mark’s pregnant daughter, Sloan, on April 29. Maybe she's having the baby then? Share your theories on that with us as well!

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Honestly, we can`t say tha they don`t have chimistry because we haven`t see they hocking up!


I SAY YES TO TEDDY & MARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL THE WAY! I think they would honestly be a cute couple together. MARK Needs to settle down with a girl! It's time for a change and I think that Teddy is perfect for him. Lexie is so annoying and way too young. They tried it & it's over with. Personally, I think Lexi and Alex could possibly be better together. But I am all for Teddy&Mark being together!!! If Teddy wants the same things Mark does, why not? This show keeps getting better!


No, I was just saying to people in general. Some people hate Lexie and Alex because of that drunk night but I only hate Alex because Lexie didn't really count on it happening. It just... happened. And I hated it so much.
And Mark was kind of behaving like a frickin' hypocrite. -.-


I don't know if you were yelling at me cause I posted before.. but I didn't say that Lexie and Mark shouldn't get back together, just that Mark is hurt by Lexie's actions. All I meant, was that she didn't even wait a small length of time before sleeping with Alex. The same night she broke it off, she slept with Alex, and she slept with Alex at least 2 times after that- sober. I personally like Mark and Lexie together and I hate seeing her with Alex cause I don't think they fit each other at all. Drinking doesn't justify sleeping with a married guy.. She didn't cheat on Mark, so I definitely don't agree with the way Mark's acting towards her. [Considering he slept with his best friend's wife years before..] Besides, he went to LA and starting sleeping with Addison and didn't give second thought to Lexie. That's just my take..


Okay, first of all, I want Lexie and Mark back.
But you guys have to stop ranting that Lexie just up and went into bed with Alex! She was frickin' drunk! And Alex... well he said it. He was horny. And he took advantage of her drunken state. Stop using that she jumped into bed with Alex against her! She didn't intend on doing it, she sure as hell didn't. Although, I didn't like that she slept with him AGAIN, sober! BRING MARK AND LEXIE BACK.


I'm not exactly a Teddy fan, but I think she needs to go on a date and stop crawling after Owen, he broke it off with his fiance and immediately got into a relationship with someone else. She should be happy about getting a chance to move on and getting noticed by Sloan (I mean damn he's hot). Even if Teddy doesn't end up with Mark, she shouldn't sit there alone waiting for Owen to leave Cristina, that's ridiculous (and he may never leave her anyway). She's a really strong person for agreeing to stay there and watch the love of her life be with someone else. I personally think it's an excellent twist to the storyline, because I'm sick of Teddy just standing there and staring at Owen. I'm still pulling for Lexie/Mark because I love them together, but she broke it off with Mark and immediately jumped in bed with Alex, without a second thought. She didn't take a break from him or let him have his moment with his annoying daughter. I think a break is good and maybe they'll realize they still love each other and belong together. :)


Agree with your first paragraph. I completely HATED facial hair before Grey's! And then Mark comes along and (swoons)! :D McSteamy needs his facial hair back. :(


Okay, so I really don't like Teddy and Mark together. Seriously.
But you guys have to wait for this thing to unfold. (shrugs) You can either fall in love with it (highly doubt it because you guys want Mexie back) or hate it completely.
He just barely asked her out so you guys can't keep ranting that they have no chemistry! They barely had any screen time together! And who knows, maybe they will be endgame and have undeniable chemistry (again unlikely).
Just give it time guys. You can rant that they have no chemistry AFTER they have screen time together. o.o And I hope that's before they sleep together. D:


well how can you say something about them not having chemistry... wait for the next episode.. they are still getting to know each other.. and in the last episode mark really appealed to teddy in the end..


I miss McSteamy's facial hair, since he's been clean shaven he has lost some of his luster, his sex appeal has gone down hill since his break up with Lexie, he was hot in LA with Addison, then he gets back to Seattle and the news that Lexie slept with Karev and he's just not the same man, he should grow back that gorgeous little moe and beard they made Mark Sloan HOT and that leather jacket back then made him look like a bad boy you don't take home, now he looks like a little boy lost, not the sexy steamy dirty mistress he was when he first came into the show and got punched in the face for good measure from Derek for daring to talk to Meredith. We need more Derek telling Mark to keep his little Sloan in his pants, let's see Mark go to rehab for sex addiction. I loved it when Mark and Lexie were keeping there relationship a secret (sneaking around) from Derek and Meredith, I would have liked to have seen the four of them becoming really good friends. That would make interesting viewing Derek invites Mark over to the house to watch football, Lexie and Alex are there as well, that would make the air in that house so thick you could carve it with a knife. I don't think Mark would want to visit Derek at Derek and Meredith's house knowing Lexie and Alex both now live there in separate rooms but under the same roof and having meaningless sex with each other. I have never seen Derek or Meredith over at Mark and Lexie's place when Lexie was living there? Apparently they live across the road, no excuse not to just drop in for a quick visit before heading home for the night. Mark and Teddy I can see them having a fling with each other but not a long lasting relationship with marriage and children, Teddy wants Owen, she wanted him when he was engaged, and now that he's with Cristina, she still wants him, but she is a true friend and she won't step over that line from friend to the other woman, she wants Owen solely, she will bide her time til he is free from Cristina then she will make her move. I'm not saying Owen and Cristina will break up, Teddy should be given credit for being what this day and age misses is a noble woman, I applaud Teddy. And the fact that she is trying to be Cristina and Owen's friend, shows that she is a good person.

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