Teddy to Actually Interact with Other Grey's Anatomy Peeps

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So far, during her brief tenure on Grey's Anatomy, she's been the third wheel hampering Cristina and Owen. But Teddy (Kim Raver) will actually hang with others on the show soon!

It's good that she'll be branching out a little. According to Fancast, before long, we'll see "Snow White" Dr. Altman interact with some of the other “cliques” within Seattle Grace.

Which do you think it will be? Our guess is Arizona and Callie. A sneak preview from this week's episode, which we'll be posting in just a couple of minutes, suggests as much ...

Teddy Bear

Kim Raver is branching out a little. It's about time!

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Teddy is a great addition to the cast but she should be at least the one 'real' person on the show. She has a great comedic talent and that should be utilized more. I am sooooo tired of the cheating theme. Why not write something with some real drama - and not 'he likes her, she doesn't like him, he chases her, she gives in, he leaves. BORING!


that's MerDer's couch :D


I think I can like Teddy as long as she stops wanting Hunt. I think a little girl time will be good for her. Hopefully she will start making friends and stop gawking at Hunt....because that really bugs me.


Oh this isn't going to be a good thing. Can't she find someone who isn't in a relationship to be friends with? She should have been best friends with Alex. She is going to be the bumps in the road that Jcap talked about in the interview she did back sometime ago. And I said after seeing that interview she would be there problem. I figure she would cause problems with AZ and Mark would cause problems with Callie. If something does happen between AZ and Teddy. I can see Callie sleeping with Mark to get back at her. There are so many other problems they could have went through. I don't understand why we have to go the cheating route. As long as they can go through this and get back together. I guess I can deal with it I will have to:(


Why the nick name "show white"? I like it, but I wonder how you came up with it. ;-)


I'm so happy for Teddy, this character deserves a lot more. It's hard to be in her situation and honestly... it takes a lot of strength to teach the girlfriend of the man you love... And isn't Arizona amazing the way she approached Teddy? Can't wait to see this episode. Congrats to the writer!!


They do need to broaden this character' interaction with other SGH docs. It's gotten too predictable a storyline where you can be fairly sure she'll loose out. Too much a mirror of MerDerAd thing S2. But to have her tag along with Calizona may cause some hiccups for them.


Arizona is sunny ,she always smiles it's in the her soul,but Teddy is not sunny ,she's sad and boring to death...i don't like at the beginning.


I can see Arizona and Teddy becoming friends, Teddy is ex-military and Arizona comes from a long line of Military people her grandfather died at Pearl Harbour, and her father serves in the forces so they have that in common to talk about.


Arizona and Teddy could be BFFs.=) Remember Arizona saying on Teddy's first day @ SGH that "I like her."? I am looking forward to see Teddy branching out a little.


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