Ten Pilots to Miss For Fall 2010

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TV network pilot season rules. We love trying to pick out the latest, greatest hits that become cultural phenomenons. But for every Gossip Girl, there's a Beautiful Life.

Or some better analogy. But you get our point. So many shows in their infancy sound great for next fall. The list you are about to read does not include any of them.

Here are ones you can only hope fail, at least from what we've heard so far:

10. Kindreds (NBC)

A grouchy patent lawyer and a group of oddball associates work at a quirky law practice. Kathy Bates, Ben Chaplin, and Brittany Snow star. Still, we're unconvinced.

9. Body of Evidence (ABC)

Dana Delany and Jeri Ryan in a new show about neurosurgeon/medical examiner who butts heads with all of her bosses. Because we need more medical dramas?


8. $h!t My Dad Says (CBS)

This one is not only based on a Twitter account, it has a title you can't say on TV. Even master thesp William Shatner as a cantankerous geezer probably won't help.

7. Cutthroat (ABC)

A single mother is running a drug cartel out of her suburban Beverly Hills house. Spoiler alert, we've already seen this one! It's on Showtime and is called Weeds.

6. This Little Piggy (NBC)

Vanessa Minnillo is trying to act. We need not continue.

5. Untitled Wyoming Project (CW)

A guy who moves to a ranch in Wyoming to take care of his three little sisters. It's like Gilmore Girls meets the Old West or something. Something likely to get axed.

4. Defenders (CBS)

Jerry O'Connell and Jim Belushi star as "fiery Las Vegas defense attorneys." Doesn't sound so bad... for a sitcom. Which it's not. Even starring those two guys. Really.

3. Who Gets the Parents? (ABC)

The plot of this sitcom about grown adults having a hard time adjusting to their parents' divorce. We're pretty sure we read that right and pretty sure it's terrible.

2. Hawaii Five-O (CBS)

The show's cast is a includes Daniel Dae Kim, Alex O'Loughlin, Grace Park, James Marsters and Scott Caan. Will that be enough to salvage yet another remake?

1. Wright vs. Wrong (ABC)

Making a bad pun out of a character's name, Grey's Anatomy style, this one stars Debra Messing as a Republican pundit named Evelyn Wright (eh? eh?) whose personal life is put under the microscope because of her public image. Yawn.

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Hmm... Dana Delany and Jeri Ryan. I think I'd give their pilot some consideration. There may be a lot of medical dramas out there but one with these two in it grabs my attention. Both are talented actors
and if the writers are up to it, this just might work. "Resistance" is STILL futile for me when it comes to
Jeri. She may be one of the most underrated actors who makes any role she plays very interesting. The same is true for Dana. Just because they are gorgeous shouldn't be held against them. I would definitely give this pilot a chance.


Any series boiled down to a single sentence is going to sound awful. A big cast on a plane crashes on an island and meets a polar bear and lots of weird stuff... Military doctors in Korea(any one remember Korea?) can't decide if their show is a comedy or a drama. I bunch of kids walk in off the street and sing in an old fashioned talent show.


Scott Caan, Daniel Dae Kim, James Marsters and Alex O'Loughlin ... in Hawaii ... and with a script by the guys who brought "Star Trek" back to life. Are you fuckin' retarded? It's a smash hit out of the box. (You probably dismissed "ER" because of Clooney's series track record, too, right?" I'm sorry, but this sounds like a list assembled by someone who hasn't seen scripts, been at casting sessions or seen a second of footage. You pick your ass and make a snap decision. Who gives a shit what you think?


I think the remake of Hawaii Five-O MIGHT be good. I'm still waiting for a hot babe to be cast on there. Nothing yet, Grace Park is good. I will wait and see who else is on before tuning in or turning out. If they want men to watch this, then they should definately cast Loriana W. I saw a short film she did and wholly sh_t. The ratings would sore in H5O, However, she is not a big named actress yet so the snobs will pass her by. Just a thought from a man.


Wow, these pilots sound REALLY weak. Is this what it takes to get picked up on a major network nowadays? 'Cause I got a real original idea. It's a single lady in the city who has voiceovers and keeps a secret diary about her relationships. Ever heard of that one? NOT.


LynnC, I'll take that bet. Here are the stakes: you win and the show doesn't tank, you get to watch an enjoyable show. I win and the show tanks, and you eat a cock.

Matt richenthal

Here's a second criteria: it stars Alex O'Loughlin. His shows on CBS last an average of 3.6 episodes.


So your basis for dissing Hawaii Five-0 is that it is a remake? Interesting that it is your only criteria - does that mean that ANY remake is (or should be) doomed to fail? Having read some of the sides, viewed the cast, and watched the original, I would throw my hat into the "win" ring. Wanna bet on this one?