The Good Wife Spoilers: Relationships and Rivalries to Confuse, Climax

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As The Good Wife moves toward May Sweeps and its first season finale, a pair of relationships are on the minds of viewers:

Alicia and Will; and Alicia and Cary.

Regarding the former, fans are wondering if anything will ever happen between these two. (In this week's episode review, I asked if something already had). The only response producer Robert King would offer? Possibly.

“[Will and Alicia have] one of the most complicated relationships... because it really is a friendship that doesn’t want to lose its friendship by going to the next step. There’s an episode [coming up in April] that’s all about not knowing what a jury is thinking and it’s a metaphor for how Alicia and Will can’t get into each other’s heads."

Peter, Will and Alicia

Meanwhile, speaking to Michael Ausiello, King also said the rivalry between Alicia and Cary will explode in May.

The goal of the season, according to King, was to feature a pair of climaxes: The first was "Hi," the episode where Peter gets out. The second] will play into [the rivalry].”

Assuming Alicia wins out - the show is titled The Good Wife, after all, not The Good Young, Male Lawyer - we just hope that doesn't mark the end of Cary on the show. We really like Matt Czuchry in that role.

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what was the quote that Kalinda said to Alicia about complicated relationships?


I think Alicia should lose the position to Cary, that way it gives her the insight of what the series is all about (the good wife) In the Mock episode she told everyone that her and Peter where giving it a try. That means she should try to be supportive to Peter and also work on helping the marriage. In regards to Will she should tell him college is out and so is he, move on!!! The kids are listening to alot of nothing coming from their mother regarding WILL, That has to stop she needs to open up and not hide the truth from them. Her last family meeting she wasn't telling the whole truth.


The tension is too much between Alicia and Will. I'm getting frustrated that nothing has happened yet. It's a like a bad high school romance.


"Hi " is not really the climax episode " Heart " is so far...


This photo seems to provide evidence for what I was thinking after this weeks episode- they'll ask peter to be the 3rd partner...


The writers have written Cary as likable and how he and Alicia work together really well, so it'll be really frustrating and infuriating if Cary goes and completely off the show. It doesn't make any sense. And Matt Czuchry helps round out the brilliance of this ensemble cast. If he goes, it will still be good but just not as good.


I really like Cary too. I don't want him to go... But I am anxious to know who they'll bring as the third partner. I was hoping it would be Patti. She's great.

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